Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Blood is Type B

Posted by Norazo at 11:50 AM
My blood is type b. i know all this while i am a type b however when i Checked my blood type in 2010, the result was O. I told my parents about it and my dad said "whose daugther are u??? Me n ur mom are type b!" .Before i went for my DPA courses i dis a thorough checked and Finally im a type b just like my parents! Hehehehe.

The reason im sharing this story is because our lecturer told us the personality based on our blood type and surprisingly most of it are so very me and me and me and my close friends also agreed. It was so funny very funny. According to the slide, type b will do the following in certain situation:

1. During dinner, AB went to the toilet alone, O want to go too but no companion so she hold it. A on the otherhand think too much why AB and O went to the toilet because she afraid the two were hurt by her words while type B will sit back and just enjoying the foods hahaha

2. In kindergarden, the teacher said dont cross the yellow line. B type will cross the line in front of the teacher, A type will obey, O will cross once the teacher turn away while AB will report to their teacher O just cross the line.. (growing up i almost give my mom a heart attack because i always cross the line whenever she said don't)

3. When fall down the stairs, I forgot about A n AB, but O will put the blame on the stairs while B will exegerates that he/she was badly hurt from the fall and thats me hehehe....

So, which group are you?????



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