Monday, November 26, 2012

10 Days

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So here we go... The 10 days start today. I am so thankful for opening this blog. Though i know my traffics are not that many in fact close to zero (sometimes) but at least i have a place to express my feeling.

Idk what will happened but i hope everything gonna be fine and smooth. I try to shove the negativity inside of me. I will try my best to mix and match with them... My lo tau always said to us "if we treat others with respect regardless of who they are, the will treat us equally" and so i hope ^____^

Enjoyyyyyyyy life everyone. Have a positive and Fruitful Monday!




P/s terpengaruh ngan Lisa sebut publish hehe

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ok saya risau

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Kali ni aku risau. Why?? Sebab tomorrow we will heading to Perak for another research modul. Seriously this is scary? Again.. Why??? Because we have to stay at another people's house that's why. Aaaaaaa scaryyyyu... Please Dear God.. Protect me n my friends.... Time pleaseeeeeeee fast forward to December 21st!!!!

By the way, Anuar Zain will be holding his first concert after 30 years in the industry on 16.02.13 at Stadium Bukit Jalil!!! i cant waittttttt!!!!!

Ok signing off.



Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saya suka berkarok

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I dont know since when but i like karaoke so very much! Sangatttt suka... Unfortunately only the one who dears to me can listen to my beautiful voice! Not ordinary people can listen to my voice ok. Only those whom i approved!! Why??? Because im speacial, they special! Plus im a shy girl! Wakakaka...

A must song in my list are Adele's song!! I love her so bery much!!! Shes fantastic! Then kpop song but mostly i sing English song... Ok im going to sing the next tune k bai!

P/s i just watch Istanbul Aku Datang... Sooo chuuwwwiiitttt!

Ok publish ^_______^

Monday, November 19, 2012

Saya seriuss

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Saya skg rasa saya serius... Saya harusss seriuss... Terpksa serius... I really have to lose weight for better health n stamina.. Please please pleaseeeeeeee dear heart! Be stronger!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012


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Aaaaahhhhh i am so in need for freedom right now! Away from everything.. Speacially from..... Aaaaaahhh im in need of doing something that can sooth my body and soul... Uwaaaa ... It has been awhile.. I want to have fun fun fun time like before... Please December, come fasttttt....

Btw im in Labuan. Doing my CSR here. Here we gooooo!!

Mr. Productive! Please please puhleaaaaseeeeeeeeee come to me.. I need a scold now

Gambatte ikimashowwww

Thursday, November 8, 2012


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Senyum seindah suria yang membawa cahaya, senyumla dari hati, duniamu berseri, senyum umpama impian, dlm kehidupan, kau tersenyum ku tersenyum kemesraan menguntum

Senyummmmmmm kepada semua, senyumanmu amatla berharga, senyum membahagiakan, dengan senyuman terjalinlaaaa ikatannnnn...

Aku rasa 1Malaysia tau lagu ni kan. Pentingnya senyum ni sampaikan dalam Islam senyum itu adalah sedekah. Knp pagi2 ni aku buat entry ni??? Hehehe... Sebabbbbb di bawah

Tadi aku ngan rumate dah lewat. So as usual kelam kabut. Then terserempaaklaa dengan satu officer ni ni yg aku minatla hehehe.. Dia ni sula senyum so dia senyummmlaaaaaaaa ngan kitorang. Manis gila wey. Aku pn balas dengan senyuman yg palingggggg manis gak. Sebab dia senyum pnya lebar, aku pun senyum leeeeebaaaaarrrrr gila tahap paling manisla hehe.. Pastu sebaik saja
Kami berselisih aku pn gila pnya melting siap nak terjelepok! Hahaha... Kawan aku pn ckp "jia org nmpk ko
La.." aku pn ckp "xla. Aku nak mengelak kakak tu mop" "ko janga nak tipu eh, aku tau ko dah cair" terus aku tergelak.. Wawawa

So to that guy, thanks for ur womderful smile and u made my day hehehe


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Blood is Type B

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My blood is type b. i know all this while i am a type b however when i Checked my blood type in 2010, the result was O. I told my parents about it and my dad said "whose daugther are u??? Me n ur mom are type b!" .Before i went for my DPA courses i dis a thorough checked and Finally im a type b just like my parents! Hehehehe.

The reason im sharing this story is because our lecturer told us the personality based on our blood type and surprisingly most of it are so very me and me and me and my close friends also agreed. It was so funny very funny. According to the slide, type b will do the following in certain situation:

1. During dinner, AB went to the toilet alone, O want to go too but no companion so she hold it. A on the otherhand think too much why AB and O went to the toilet because she afraid the two were hurt by her words while type B will sit back and just enjoying the foods hahaha

2. In kindergarden, the teacher said dont cross the yellow line. B type will cross the line in front of the teacher, A type will obey, O will cross once the teacher turn away while AB will report to their teacher O just cross the line.. (growing up i almost give my mom a heart attack because i always cross the line whenever she said don't)

3. When fall down the stairs, I forgot about A n AB, but O will put the blame on the stairs while B will exegerates that he/she was badly hurt from the fall and thats me hehehe....

So, which group are you?????

Monday, November 5, 2012

Add Maths

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Many of us took Add Maths during our SPM level. I love maths. However, i cannot bring myself to love add maths. I think my 2 years sitting in the class was a waste of time because i didnt understand a thing! Im not blaming it to my teacher. It was me!

I found out that maths and add maths was a totally different from one anither. The both share same father but different mother. I was stresss back then. Everytime there was a test or exam im gonna failed miserably.. Never ever i passed that subject during my 2 years time.

Come to the final date. The exam day. I tried to study the night before but i i slept halfway until morning on my t table! How sweeeeet is that. And as usual, during the exam i was somewhere under the rainbow! But i finished the exam hehe

After 3 months of waiting. The result came out. For the first time i passed! Not with flying color but barely passed! Maybe u can guessed what my gred was hehe....

However, nothing about the past is matter now. Because i consider myself a success! Hehe...

I love my life.. I live my life... I cherish my life.. I thank God for giving me this wonderful life...


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