Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sambut Air Hujan Guna Tangan?

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Salam Aidiladha semua!!! Im in Victoria Island of Labuan heheheh...

Berbalik pd tajuk d atas. Sambut air hujan atau dalam bahasa standard tadah air hujan. Masa kecik2 semua budak suka main hujan including me. sapa yg x suka la kan. Tp org tua kita mst x benarkan kita main hujan dgn alasan nanti demam which is true la.

Oleh demikian, aku pn x beranila main hujan sbb takut kna marah then demam. So utk mengubat hati yg lara aku pn suka sambut air hujan. Tp my brilliant mommy akan marah dan akan ckp "jangan sambut air hujan nanti jadi pencuri!!" mak aihhhh punyala aku takut jadi pencuri aku pn takut sambut air hujan. Hahaha!!

Ajaibnya, even aku dah besar panjang pastu, even sekarang ni aku akan teragak2 main sambut air hujan guna tangan. Bukan sbb jadi pencuri tp entahla..mmg dr kecik dah dididik macam tu so i feel is like a sin for me to do so. My mom is a brilliant woman ok i tell you...


Friday, October 26, 2012


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Tadi aku jatuh jambatan.. Kenangan di hari raya.. Sekian terima kasih

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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When we talk about discrimination what come into our mind? Is it power? Appearence? Money? Status? Gender??? Well it could be anything. However the one term that suit to my current situation is "APPEARENCE"

I always involved in this sitution because of my physical being. I cannot blame them because of how do i look but, each and everyone of us is a human and created by the Almighty. Please be fair in treating people like me. Do help us as well. Not just focusing ur attention to the pretty one.

God ask us to be fair. So please be fair to all the human kind regardless of how do they look and their status.


P/s sengaja upload gambar saya yg saya rasa paling cumil asereyy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Bestie Masnah

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My bestie Masnah will be leaving for Paris tonight. Though i only met her twice a month nowadays, but i feel like i miss her already. Masnah!!! Safe journey to Paris.. Dont forget my hadiah.. Remind erin also to buy me present.. I'm gonna miss u and frankly i am sooooooo verrrryyyyyy jealous ok! If u met a French guy during ur solo tour, make sure he has a cute friend so that u can introduce me as well ah hehehehe... Jgn makan sorang ah geng!

My prayer will always be with you. Pleaseee sleep on plane.. Do take care of urself and ur belonging... Bon voyageeeeee (betul ka ini??)

P/s sapa mo jaga Paula????

I never knew

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I never knew i am afraid of the dark until im experienced BA Gallery as part of our activity here in Fire Training Academy. BA or Breathing Aparatus (hope i spelled it correctly) is a training where the fireman have to enter a very dark room with lot of objects blocking the way. Therefore we have to crawl, stand, crawl and stand for almost 20 minutes.

Before me n my team entering the room, i was afraid as hell! I cannot breath and my mind was in a very weak mode! I am afraid of the dark. If only i knew it sooner maybe i can set my mind earlier. Since i just knew it, i have to control my mind on the spot! Luckily my friends were there for me! Thank you dear friends!

Today, i also realised that being a fireman is not an easy job. It takes a lot if effort and courage to save others.. They are the one who work behind the scenes and rarely being acknowledge. From now on, u have my respect sir!

Monday, October 8, 2012

I bought a book

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Ok people, today i bought a book and its funny. It is suppose to be a romantic comedy fairytale between a ruggedly handsome arrogance gentleman and a pity lady with RM300k debt on her shoulder.. Its another cinderella meet prince charming story but in a very funny unromantic way.

Why i said so??? Because the whole plot was a bluff and the loop hole was obvious. The wording are off and there are no syncronisation from one plot to another.. The story are ridiculously bring told and too much imagination lead to unbelievable story line. In short "STUPID"

However, i maybe bias because i am not a highschool or a college student. For sure these 2 groups will gladly accept the childish story line. Maybe u wondering , WHY THE HELL I bought this book if i complaint about it. Well thats because when i read the synopsis i feel like it's different. Not just some typical malay novel. But then, OMG it is among the worst! Still i should give it a try since i am currently on page 66/674. How the hell will i be able to finish this black pearl??

Let us wait..

P/s to buy a book u have to choose the best and famous author coz u will not going to regret it ...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

October datang lagi

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Wah wah wahhhh cepatnyaaa masa berlaluuuu... Mcm mna ni??? Tatuttttttlaaaaaaa.... Oohhh i am still single n available.. The clock is however still ticking.. What am
I suppose to do with my lifeeeee????? Uwaaaaa... Desperately needing someone to hold on to :'((((((...



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