Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our last night

Posted by Norazo at 10:36 PM
A lot of thing happened this 2 weeks.. Happy, tired, sleepy and we never thought it will ended with tragedy.. So very sad...

I have to admit, i dont want to be here.. Scared, worried , etc all in one. The feeling were all mixed up and sometimes lead to panic.. However, once we were here hey.. It was not that bad.. It was fun fun and fun... We thought we're not gonna have enough fun but we were wrong.

We've learn a lot. From marching to handling M16 etc we sure learn a lot. Our trainer were all very supportive and we like them a lot. However, with recent tragedy, yes we were said but it was more disappointing when others pin pointing the blame to the trainers and victim. They were not to be blame. All of them are nice people with big hearts.

I hope when this settle then they can live their normal life. the experience i get from this modul will forever be in our memory. I sincerely hope the people outside will not judge us based on what they read on media report because it is not entirely true.

I do believe in law. But law without justice is against the nature. If we dint exercise the law correctly, i guess people wont trust the system anymore. So do i



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