Thursday, September 20, 2012

Divide and Rule!

Posted by Norazo at 10:08 PM
The system was introduced back during British colonisation in Tanah Melayu where Malay were station in kampung doing agriculture, Chinese mostly in mines and Indian in estates. The purposed is to prevent this 3 major races in Tanah Melayu to unite and against British. This statement maybe incorrect so please do correct me.

However, what i really want to share here is not about the history about the Malay, Chinese and Indian during British era but more towards what happened to me and my friends now. Tragedy happened and we still mourn over it. But what trouble me the most is that there are friction among us. Some people say this some people say that. Some people do this, some people do that. Im worried. At time like this we need to stay together not breaking up. Because we will never going to gain any benefit from
It instead the culprit will laugh out loud. We r dividing and they will rule us accordingly.

Ohhhh how i dont like how things turn into.. To Allah we pray.. May everything dun smoothly this Sunday. Amin



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