Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another morning another day...

Posted by Norazo at 5:46 AM
Assalammualaikum n selamat pagi
Im writing this entry justttttt after i take my sahur... What did i eat? Well KFC! For the overall six months, i think this coming 2 weeks is the best!!! Why? Because (1) we've got 2 weeks breaks away from tut tut tut [censored] (2) HARI RAYAAAAAAA.

Though it is not entirely holiday cause we have assignment, but still as long as i can leave the place for just a moment it is good enough. Not to day that what im experiencing right now is bad but i'll consider it as part of my learning season, bonding session and time to take care of my dreadful body!! Ohhh how im gonna miss those stairs... Huhu

So, i'll be home for hari raya.. I dont anticipate much except for the arrival of my nieces and my newborn nephew 😊😊😊 ooooo.. My abang got 3 anak already and i am still single huhuhu

Whatever it is, i will try harder, i will teach myself to be stronger and i wanna be a fighter... Huk huk hul!!!




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