Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Pictures

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This is the continuation of my previous post regarding our stage performance Korban Fajar:Bara Jiwa Rosli Dobhy. I will not write much about the play but i want to share with you a few shots from the performance. ( pictures all credit to Mr. Azfar )

It was an awesome performance. It will forever be in our memory...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Show

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Halloooo.. Assalammualaikum semua...
As u may all know by now, im in INTAN for 6 months of courses. Last night, my sidang was having our English Night theatre "Zubeida: In Love & War". Honestly i have a very little opprtunity to watch the play as w e were busy handling our Barbican stall. Yesss we opening a stall that night. (i even called puter to ask whixh flavour are the best). Our barbican was sold out even before the play have reach its climax! Thank u Astrians. U guys are simply the BEST!

Back to the play, although we were not watch that much but i do believe that our friends who were involved in it were doing their veryyyy best to make the play a succesful one. Unite we one!
What i love about our sidang is our ability to trust others. We know we can trust our friends to do their best and we always do our best!

From the feedback last night, again we recieved compliments from the PPs and KPP. Everything run well. The deco, props, lighting, music and of course the. ACTORS! Awesome
Everyonee. This week is going to be our last week in INTENGAH. Do i gonna miss the place?? I dont know. Maybe hehehe... But then again i surely miss my room hehehe

Okla... Till then byeeee

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I look up the sky

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I look up the sky i saw a bird fly...
I look up the sky i saw another bird fly...
I look up the sky i see a heavy clouded sky...
I look up the sky i can tell the rain will start pouring again and again
I look up the sky i see my beautiful friend blocking my view..
i look up the sky i see a blank dark sky...
Enough of the sky coz its time for me to bow to Allah The Almighty...

P/s wama bangunnnn

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bila Orang Putih Cakap Melayu

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Hari ni aku n ekin pegi ke ikea. masa tu kami sebok mencari kedai duplicate kunci. lepas jumpa hati gembira lalu aku pn cakap jom tapau nasi ayam kat depan nun. kami pn pegi ke stall tu. aku pn pg beratur dan order. pastu, ada 2 org mat salleh yg agak comey n comeyla beratur belakang aku. diorang pn speaking la. sounds american. pastu ada kwn melayumdia dtg. bila kwn dia ckp rm2 in malay aku lum dpt tangkap lg. kwn melayu dia pon blah. sambil menunggu 2 org ni speaking lg. one of them ckp"im having double chicken". aku pn terus wah! Semangat! then order aku smpi then budak nasi ayam pn tnyala mat salleh ni. "chicken rice sir?" Then mat salleh yg langsung xder muka melayu ni jawab "yer, saye nak 2 nasi ayam roasted double pastu sayur ade ape eh?" seriously time tu aku nk tegelak gilaaa hahahaha... budak nasi ayam terpinga2 yg aku lak tahan gelak sblh mat salleh ni. helloooooo BM dIA sangat PERFECT ok! Bahasa semenanjung beliau lagi bagussss dr aku.. so aku pn gelak ngan ekin bila ku ceta balik. moral of the story 'dont take the foreigners lightly cause they may understands what rubbish we are talking about'

sekiam n selamat malam

Saturday, July 7, 2012


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Assalammualaikum semuaa!!! It has been a while since my last post. Never ever wonder time flies really fast. The last second i was in office with friends and the next minute here i am in my DPA meeting new and wonderful friends! I am bless..

Last nite we were having our very first theatre show entitled "KORBAN FAJAR: BARA JIWA ROSLI DHOBY" it was a GREAT show. Admitted by our fellows ASTRIANS and our PP's + KPP's.

Everything went well. The background musics, lighting, montage and the best of all the ACTORS. They were superb. Passion, sprits, tears, all in one! How i wish i can share it here..

More importantly our ASTRIANS were all very supportive. They claps, they shout, they chants with us. We finish our show with STANDING OVATION ftom the crowds. We were touched..

For our Next project "Zubeida" we hope we can do more.. Play more... Learn more...

To the next group who will perform malam protokol i wish u all the best. We are ONE!

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