Monday, June 4, 2012

Finding a peace of mind

Posted by Norazo at 2:34 PM
Hallu.... Assalammualaikum... it has been awhile .. the reason for it was i have a mental blocked! and the other reason is i found the new features for blogspot is confusing and un-user-friendly (for me).

I just came back from Labuan. Have a family gathering and BFF gathering right before leaving for my 6 months courses. That's a lots of months oooo...

My meeting with my nieces was hilarious. Alya with her cute baby talk and Puteri with her princess illness. My niece Alya managed to make me laugh out loud with her cute baby tone such as
"acu cayyyaaannnnggg babu BB"
"acu cayaaannnnggg celabau"

Then her singing Bulung tata tua, labah-labah itam and bapaku pulang dari kota! the funny thing was she changed the lyrics from "Nenek sudah tua, giginya tinggal 2" to "Nenek sudah tua, giginya makin lawa" that was super hilarious hahahah i wish i can upload her video here.

Me meeting my friends was memorable. We were having a fun talk. Everyone updating their life and for sure im quite far behind them cause each of them having their on family already and im single ;p No matter what i stillll love them a lot! The thing is, during the picnic, we were so busy chit chatting until we forgot to take a picture together.. how very unfortunate!
Bebeh and Etat
with their respective child. Unfortunately Neng was not in the picture ;(

Puteri pretending to use ear phones

pretending to sing hehehe ;p

 Okla that's all.... bye byee



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