Monday, June 25, 2012

Tempoh berkursus!

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The 3rd week of kursus tp badan x juga kurus hahaha walaupun hari2 kna cepat kna senaman tp aku maintain begini...
Bnyk yg aku belajar d sni. Belajar disiplin, belajar mematuhi masa, belajar bangun pagi, menghargai kawan... Etc walaupn penat tp ada juga slot2 yg fun..
Sepanjang d sni aku sangat2 menghargai nikmat tido yg sebenar. Pantang ada peluang aku akn tido oooo indahnya tidooooooo (time ni pn mataku dh layu. Tp nak maghrib dah)
Ada 25 minggu lg tolak minggu ni so berusaha!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cerita lawak pagi ini

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Saturday again! Ada ceta lawak pagi ni. Aku ni merasakan diriku telah lewat. So bersiap cepat2. Mandi cepat2. Then lari turun2 ke bwh. Lari punya laju sampai pintu lobi aku terus nmpk member2 lain. Lepas tu aku kari lagi tiba2 berdebummmm terlanggar pintu adoiiioo automatik door tu belum terbuka rupanya. Sakitttttttttt....yg nmpk aku time tu satu kakak cleaner. Aku ckp ngan dia "saya tak nampak" terus aku smbung lari keluar. Hampehhhh!!! Maluuuuuuuuu

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Between leaving and being left behind

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Friday is the last day for me n my boss amelia in office. I'll be attending my 6 months courses while amelia will be back to Sarawak for good. For the past 1 yr and almost a half under her i have learnt so much especially in international relation. She is really a Sifu in our division. Having her living our division is a great loss as she was one of the pioneer on international relation in our ministry. However, i hope for the best for her in JPN Sarawak n Sarawakian lucky to have her back. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH MISS AMELIA LEE!

Leaving is painfull but not as much as being left behind. I'll be leaving my division for 28 weeks officially on 11 june. I have a memorable chat with puter i am sooooo gonna miss her. We dont know our faith yet. Whether i'll be coming back or not. Regardless of what gonna happen in December this year i am trully bless for being part of BDA. To my friends who always be with me since Day 1 i step into the office im sooo gonna miss you guys. Puter fahi n jujue u guys are the best!!! Misss miss misss you a lot speacially during our lunchie😊😊😊

For my friends who still in BDA good luck guys! And for miejot, im sorry for leaving you with tons of work. Is just that now is the peak seasons for ASEAN i wish u well dear! Thank youuuu!!!

P/s i'll try my very best to update my blog during course if i have a chance.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Me n my life

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My life so far has been great
My life so far has been wonderful
My life so far has been meaningful
My life so far has been bless

Thank you Allah for giving me a wonderful opportunities:
To live a happy life
To love my life
To experience life
To cherish every moment in my life

And for that i am THANKFUL

P/s sila layankan gambar syok sendiri saya kahkahkah

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saya mengantuk

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Ketika ini saya mengantuk
Saya rasa apa yg saya telan td telah menyebabkan kemengantukan ini
Saya merasakan saya seperti tidak dapat menahan2 lagi mata2 saya yg comel ini untuk terbuka luas
Saya rasa kelopak-kelopak saya seperti ditarik2 utk ditutup...
Tolonggggg percepatkanlah proses ini

P/s td saya jumpa bos saya termenguap tp saya cover2 tp saya rasa bos sya perasan. Sori bos!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Finding a peace of mind

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Hallu.... Assalammualaikum... it has been awhile .. the reason for it was i have a mental blocked! and the other reason is i found the new features for blogspot is confusing and un-user-friendly (for me).

I just came back from Labuan. Have a family gathering and BFF gathering right before leaving for my 6 months courses. That's a lots of months oooo...

My meeting with my nieces was hilarious. Alya with her cute baby talk and Puteri with her princess illness. My niece Alya managed to make me laugh out loud with her cute baby tone such as
"acu cayyyaaannnnggg babu BB"
"acu cayaaannnnggg celabau"

Then her singing Bulung tata tua, labah-labah itam and bapaku pulang dari kota! the funny thing was she changed the lyrics from "Nenek sudah tua, giginya tinggal 2" to "Nenek sudah tua, giginya makin lawa" that was super hilarious hahahah i wish i can upload her video here.

Me meeting my friends was memorable. We were having a fun talk. Everyone updating their life and for sure im quite far behind them cause each of them having their on family already and im single ;p No matter what i stillll love them a lot! The thing is, during the picnic, we were so busy chit chatting until we forgot to take a picture together.. how very unfortunate!
Bebeh and Etat
with their respective child. Unfortunately Neng was not in the picture ;(

Puteri pretending to use ear phones

pretending to sing hehehe ;p

 Okla that's all.... bye byee


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