Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Di mana? D sini

Posted by Norazo at 12:29 AM
Halluuuuuu... Salam semua..
Day come day gone
Now we're in the last week of April!
Last 2 weeks ago my parents came to visit me n last 2 weeks ago also my dear 2 years old chicky niece alya give me a called. Our conversation as follows:

"babu bibi d mna ni?"
" babu bibi kerja"
"d mna?"
"d mna?"
" putrajaya"
"d mna?"
" d mna?"
"kuala lumpur"
I dont kbow what answer should i gave to her for a 2 years old standard. For sure she doesn't know a thing about putrajaya or kl. i just tried my luck. Luckily i manage to change the topic asking her whether she has eat or not. She said to me she just eat ayam.. So cuweeettt... Then i asked her again:
"alya d mna ni?"
And her answer stunt me for a second b4 i LOL!
She said "D SINI!"
If i know it'll come to that never i repeat putrajaya n kl for 4 times.. Aigoo alya ya daebakkkk!
So guys if ever 2 years old kid asking u on ur whereabout just tell them "im here"



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