Friday, March 30, 2012


Posted by Norazo at 10:41 PM
Last week me and masnah went to Langkawi for our 2nd trip vacation after Genting in February. It was exciting and memorable experience. We just blindly bought plane ticket after hesitating 1 2 3 n 4 times before we decided to buy it.

Lately, our jobs demand us to loose ourselves and the only release we have is to forget everything related to works during our precious weekend.

We took 7.25pm flight from LCCT to Langkawi and we reached there at exactly 8.25pm. We rent a wira and im the driver while masnah was
My navigator. We stayed at tanjung mali perdana resort located at Pantai Chenang. Though i never been to phuket, the first thing on my mind when we enter the road was "wow this is like phuket!" its exciting.

Our friend advice us to visit tasik dayang bunting but we dont really have much time since our flight back to KL was at 10.40pm the next day. Therefore, we only visit the most famous landmark of Langkawi: Dataran Lang, Makam Mahsuri, Cable car at Gunung Mechincang and Galeri Perdana Tun Mahathir.

The weather in Langkawi remind me so much of my very hometown Labuan. So freaking HOT! Again it was a great experience... Unfortunately, i did not took many pictures there. Only a few... So here goes some of it



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