Sunday, February 12, 2012

When life gives you...

Posted by Norazo at 2:36 PM
When life gives you lemon, just take it
When life gives you watermelon, just accept it
When life gives you orange, just eat it
When lifes gives you a box tomato just swallow it
When life gives you nothing.. Think back of those lemons, watermelons, oranges and tomatoes that u refused to take before

When lifes gives you hardship, hang on to it
When life gives you challenge, just face it
When life gives you love, embrace it
When life gives happiness, cherish it
When life decide to stop giving..
Be thankful of what u have and what you received so far...

Life is beautiful
Life is colourfil
We live only once
Cherish every moment, embraced every memory and LOVE every everyone...

My POV of life ^____^



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