Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend gateway

Posted by Norazo at 11:40 PM
This weekend me and masnah went for a short holiday at genting just the 2 of us. The idea came about when masnah told us she has never been to genting so lets go! Hehe.. Compare to her, this is my 4th trip to genting and my very first time spending the night there. We stayed at first world hotel genting for a night and it was a whole new experience. Since this is my forth trip finally i tried all the extreme games there with my latest riding on a corkscrew roller coaster. Compared to the battlestar gallactica in Universal Studio Singapore, the corkscrew ride was the least scary but still a nerve wrecking ride.

Me and masnah were planning to put our expressionless face just like hwangbo and hyun joong did during their roller coaster ride in everland theme park. However, as soon as the ride begin we were completely forgot about our initial intention. I screamed my heart out until i loss my hair band. R.I.P dear young padawan huhuhu...

It was a great experience there with masnah. We both "destroyed" our shoes and sandal and we have to buy a new pairs of slippers.. Then we met a group of a very loud men from Sabah. There were so loud i tell you. They ride the coaster after us and once we were arriving safely they confront us with their curious faces. I told them it was "syiok" then suddenly they were making another noise and clapping their hand.. Aigooooo you guys are so very loud la...

So here are some pictures taken

Looking forward to our next trip! where to?? stay tuneeeeeee



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