Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend gateway

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This weekend me and masnah went for a short holiday at genting just the 2 of us. The idea came about when masnah told us she has never been to genting so lets go! Hehe.. Compare to her, this is my 4th trip to genting and my very first time spending the night there. We stayed at first world hotel genting for a night and it was a whole new experience. Since this is my forth trip finally i tried all the extreme games there with my latest riding on a corkscrew roller coaster. Compared to the battlestar gallactica in Universal Studio Singapore, the corkscrew ride was the least scary but still a nerve wrecking ride.

Me and masnah were planning to put our expressionless face just like hwangbo and hyun joong did during their roller coaster ride in everland theme park. However, as soon as the ride begin we were completely forgot about our initial intention. I screamed my heart out until i loss my hair band. R.I.P dear young padawan huhuhu...

It was a great experience there with masnah. We both "destroyed" our shoes and sandal and we have to buy a new pairs of slippers.. Then we met a group of a very loud men from Sabah. There were so loud i tell you. They ride the coaster after us and once we were arriving safely they confront us with their curious faces. I told them it was "syiok" then suddenly they were making another noise and clapping their hand.. Aigooooo you guys are so very loud la...

So here are some pictures taken

Looking forward to our next trip! where to?? stay tuneeeeeee

Sunday, February 12, 2012

When life gives you...

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When life gives you lemon, just take it
When life gives you watermelon, just accept it
When life gives you orange, just eat it
When lifes gives you a box tomato just swallow it
When life gives you nothing.. Think back of those lemons, watermelons, oranges and tomatoes that u refused to take before

When lifes gives you hardship, hang on to it
When life gives you challenge, just face it
When life gives you love, embrace it
When life gives happiness, cherish it
When life decide to stop giving..
Be thankful of what u have and what you received so far...

Life is beautiful
Life is colourfil
We live only once
Cherish every moment, embraced every memory and LOVE every everyone...

My POV of life ^____^

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2.00 am

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it is 2.00am and im still widely awake...
how i loveee my life this past few days..
no commitment...
just lazing at my cozy little apartment...
when im hungry, i cooked then i eat...
when im sleepy i sleep...
when i have enough sleeping i woke up
with no one to yell.. no one to nag...
pure blisssssss....
then i do some cleaning..
washing, scrubbing, sweeping, mopping... pheww.. tired ooo
but the end result is fantastic!
however, most of the time im on k-drama marathon!
like like likeeee

Saturday, February 4, 2012

i Cannot Help It!

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I cannot help it...
I really like this drama..
The Moon That Embraces The Sun

The script is daebak..
The plot also daebak...
The actors extremely daebakkk!
I am so crazy about it right now..
I cannot help it..
Not just the drama..
but the OST as well...
I can't believe i watched it last night without subtitles..
but still i rolling on my mattress as if i understand what they're saying...
then i laughed at myself... hahahah
but seriously.. is a must watch drama...
i can feel the pain... the longing... aigooo ...
One of the coolest thing about this drama is the main actor..
The King in the drama is a very young actor and was born in 1988...
and the main actress was born in 1982..
but, he is a very charismatic "King" and he pull his character really well!
from the child actors, to the adult one i really love them all..
hopefully the plot will become more and more interesting...
can't wait for ep. 11 and 10 more episodes to go!
so here i wish to share the ost "Back in Time" terbaekkkkkk

More pictures...

2 suns and 2 moons

The young prince.. n___n

Now as King

the young princess

after loosing her memory, she became a shaman

So if you wish to know why she loosing her memories..
why is the king so much in pain..
the twist and the turn...
do watch it ^_____^

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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The world without boundaries.. internet..
i can go anywhere in this world without having to buy a plane tickets, renew my passport etc etc..
Learn other cultures, languages, sharing and caring etc etc..
what a world without it???
empty? yess
boring?? yess
black?? maybe hahaha

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