Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Movie time

Posted by Norazo at 10:09 PM
Today me, masnah n erin went to a movie. Journey 2 the mysterious island. Seriously guys, the movie was daeeeeebakkkk!!! Terbaeeekkkkk!! Awesomeee!! Everyone should watch it. It is highly recommended. We had a good laugh while watching the it. When erin suggested to watch a movie together i immediately google the now showing in gsc. Since it is CNY, therefore most of the movies are Chinese, so i suggested Journey 2 the mysterious island . At first Im worried. afraid it might not be that good but i give a hugeeee sigh of relieved when masnah and erin LOL and squealing in their sit.. Hahaha... Seriously it was really good! and my favourite part is the popping chest by The Rock hahaha it was super funny :p So if u guys are in the search for a good movie this weekend, try to watch Journey 2 The Mysterious Island.. For me it is worth the price ^_____^



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