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Part 2 : Trip to SINGAPORE Land of the MERLION

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Its Day 2!
we start our day with heavy breakfast.. we off to Singapore at 10.00 am. Journey take an hour. We arrived at Universal Studio at 11.00 am. Back in JB, our agent told us to watch 3 shows. (1) Pantages; (2) Steven Spielberg :Light, Camera and Action ; and (3) Waterworld. We were told Jurrasic Park was close for maintenance so it's quite sad. Once we enter USS, were head straight to Pantages : Monster Show. It was fun fun fun! Next stop we went for show no 2. Light Camera and ACTION! (btw Pantages and Steven Spielberg at Hollywood village) I have to say Steven Spielberg is amazing. During the light camera action, it shows what happened when typhoon no 5 hit New York. Wah wah wah! it was superb AWESOMEEE.. the storm feels real, the fire were real... the wind blows hard.. the windows flew by the storm then a giant cargo ship suddenly appear right before our eyes.. lighting and thunder feels so very real.. it's beyond FUN! just like Mr. Steven said before the show.. "there is no limit to human imagination" through film you can pour everything inside your head.. sadly we cannot take pictures. so, you have to see it yourself to experience the phenomenon...
Sentosa Gate huhu
it's Universal
Universal Studios
the 3 of us!
Pantages : Monster Rock Musical

While queuing peace!
Next stop we went for Sci-Fi City. Transformers 3D Ride world premier at USS was schedule on the 3rd Dec 2011!. However, whilst there we have the opportunity to experience the ride uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! AWESOME BEYOND WORDS! ITS PURE BLIST! I'M IN HEAVEN WHILE RIDING THE THE THING! At that time we don't know that it was ready for the ride. We were standing in front of the building when one lady called us saying " Transformers 3D simulator!" me and Masz was shocked then i called the other members. We never thought it was the actual ride as we thought it was only for a sightseeing. However during the queue, there was an announcement saying that there was a problem and asked us to be patient. We wait almost 15 minutes before we decided to leave . Luckily me and Zue walk slowly when the announcer said the system was back on-line... we run to the queue again and wait for another 15 minutes before we begin the ride... OMG it was nerve wrecking ride.. We were shoot, thrown from 50 storeys building, suck into one of the Decepticon which you can see in Revenge of the Fallen, then being block by Megatron and the Autobots have to work very hard to protect us.. it was so very real... the whole ride we scream our lungs out until our throat hurt hahaha.. but it worth 18000 times...It's the best ride in the WORLD! i can ride 300 million times if i have the opportunity hehehehe.
At the entrance!
queue queue queue!!!
on the inside
Nest! the light actually changing colors from red to blue
the door??
after the ride! satisfaction thank you bumblebee for saving us just now huhu
puas hatiiiii!!
with bumblebee
souvenir hehe S$9.9 each pheww
Autobot t-shirt let's roll!
Next stop still at Sci-Fi City we planned to ride the scariest ride there. The Battlestar Galactica Roller Coster! The roller coster consists of human and cyclone . The human ride was least scary compared to the cyclone cause if you ride the cyclone your feet will hanging during the ride and the things cycle almost 360 degree.. SCARY. So we ride the HUMAN and it was the SCARIEST 2 MINUTES OF MY LIFE! That thing was no joke. it was fast then faster then fastest then super fast!!!! While riding it i was thinking "WTH did i ride this thing??" and After riding the coaster, i feel the Transformers ride just like a baby game to me. The thing we just ride was the killer machine. Seriously if you have a heart attack, high blood pressure or pregnant, DO NOT RIDE THAT THING! and STAY AWAY FROM THE CYCLONE unless you are ready for the extreme. However, it was a great experience hehehehe
this is the thing huhu

red HUMAN and blue CYCLONE

i survived this scary thing eeeee~~~
Next stop we went to the Ancient Egypt where we rode another roller coaster. The coaster is actually inside the dark pyramid and the motion are quite different. This coaster not only move forward, up up up or down down down, it can go for a reverse mode! wow so exciting! however since it was dark so it was not that scary.. but i did feel like my heart was detached from my chest for a moment hahahhaha.. Seriously, after riding the Battlestar Galactica, all other ride was like baby games for me hahahaha..
Me: Masnah! what r u looking at hahahah

Me : and now what r u pointing at????

after all the peeking hahhaha

The Team

After that, we went for the 3rd Show : Waterworld. This show was a re-enactment of Waterworld movie stars Kevin Costner. Our lovely agent gave us the tips before. She said, not to sit in front because the casts will splash the water towards you. Thanks to that, we manage to prevent ourselves from getting wet after the show hehe...

The Entrance!

The Audiences

Before it all started
Start sudah!!

Boat dah datang pulak


Next stop the Far Far Away Village.. where we watch Shrek 4D show..There's something happened whilst there. I lost my star shape sun glasses which i bought in Korea.. uwaaaaaaa Bye bye my dear sun glasses! About the show it was fun but we have a minor regrets... after that we went for our last stop the Madagascar boat ride. i like to move it move it.. btw Madasgascar was such a boring ride hahaha

Far Far Away Palace

RIP to my star sun glasses :(

After the lost!

the sisters same pose haha
Some of the pictures taken ^______^
watch out for the speed limit

50's feeling

Apartment to let!

New York feel

Christmas around the corner


Kung fu Panda!

with Woody Woodpecker

Part 3 will soon follow


Min Min on December 9, 2011 at 1:32 PM said...

huhu, long time didn't visit ur blog even my blog oso already near 1month not opened...
a lot of things u already write n really enjoy to read it and I love to see the "apartment to let" photo..just like in the novel..


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