Saturday, December 3, 2011

Part 1 :Trip to SINGAPORE Land of the MERLION

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I finally went to Singapore! Honestly Singapore is not on my list of countries i wish to visit in near future because:

1. Their dollar is strong compare to our Malaysian Ringgit; and
2. It is our neighbour country so i can visit Singapore anytime i want!

I never thought it will be this soon! It all happened when my housemate suggest for us to go for a vacation during the 3 days holiday (Muharram Holiday). I was hesitant for a moment cause it was my office mate wedding and i promise her i will attend. however, i received the news that shock my entire brain cells until i can't think for a few seconds. My housemate finally got her transfer later back to Sabah after 2.5 years waiting. So one of her wish is to visit Singapore. So i said yes.

We were in a group of 5 (me, Mel, Masz, Aishah and Zue). Aishah and Zue also with us during the Seoul trip in October. Shira suppose to join us but it was her sister's wedding. It was 3 days 2 night trip. We live in a hotel in JB and we made a daily trips to Singapore. The journey frm JB to Singapore took 1 hour ++ excluding the traffic jams. Since we went on weekend the traffic quite heavy.

Day 1 we arrived at 12 pm so we left for Singapore at 3pm. Unfortunately, since now is a rainy seasons so our tour around the city was a bit disturbed due to the rain. However we had a blast of time in the city. We visited the Merlion symbol of Singapore, then we visit Esplanade and we had a view of Marina Bay. Seing on photos or TV is different from viewing it with our own eyes! is splendid! After we went for city tour, we went for Sentosa Island. We supposed to visit the giant Merlion and riding the Luge and Skyride. However due to the time constraint and the unfavourable weather, we cannot do the activities. From Sentosa Island, we have a view of Universal Studio which we plan to visit on the next day. Before we leaving back for JB, we stopped at Vivocity shopping mall. We didn't do any shopping though coz the price is no joke. Expensive! Sing Dollar some more. We head back for JB at 11 pm. Arrived at 12 pm and having our dinner at Benafe Village then retreat for hotel afterward.. end of day 1..

otw to JB! with zue the driver

stop at R&R me and masnah selca of the day huhu

sky at JB

at Esplanade Singapore!

group photo in front of the Esplanade

it's raining man aigoo! nice view of Skypark Hotel

the hotel solo shot by Emelda

Jeri and her umbrella thanks to Masnah

Nice pose!

baby elephant!

Masz and Mel don't they look alike???


S$1 ice cream during rainy day




we look so very tired


another S.e.n.t.o.s.a

me and the letter 'S'

Masnah with birds huhu~~

Singapore's national flower orchid!

the Merlion we supposed to climb?? hehe

the luge we supposed to ride

Part 2 will soon follow



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