Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December! Happy Birthday

Posted by Norazo at 1:39 PM
Today 1st December 2011 is my brothers 19th birthday! I did mention somewhere in my post i have a twin brothers right. As a sister to them i am very proud of myself. Between us there is a huge gap. i was born in 80's and they in 90's. i was so eager to have a brother/sister back then but my mom won't let me hahaha... (that's why i have imaginary friends ;p)

19th years ago in Labuan at 4.00 am something in the morning they were born. last night i talked to my mom. She asked me weather i remember their birthday or not? i said yes mummy. i will wish them tomorrow. my mom sound sad. Without realizing their baby have grown so much and now entering their adulthood. i also can't believe my eyes. they were sooooooo small 19th years ago i can hold them with one hand. Their skin were red and their eyes were very tiny. They were sleeping in one baby court with their legs touch to each other. i asked my dad, where is the other one cause i can only see one court and one head! at that time i'm a bit short because i was at the same height with the baby court! before my dad even answering my question i notice the other head in the court. i was so excited. finally i have a brother. not one but two...

now the same red skin baby with tiny eyes have grown so much and becoming young men... as a sister, i can only pray for their happiness, safety, health and hoping for their success! i am so proud of them cause the both are a good sons and brothers!

11 years ago huhu...
left : Farhan
right: Farizi






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