Friday, December 30, 2011

Durian "King of Fruits"

Posted by Norazo at 1:36 AM
I dont exactly understand why is durian consider the king among all fruits. Why not apple? Or watermelon or orange or strawberry or peach, pear eyc etc why must durian??? Durians is a tropical fruits which can only be found in tropical country like Malaysia. Though the skin is thick and pointy full with horns and sharp, the taste however iis sweets and nice. Some westerners consider durians is an exotic food because if its strong odors and i do agree with that. The smell can't easily go away. It can remains in ur car for 2 weeks!

Im not a durian lover but i do eat durians and currently it is a durians season in malaysia. Durian can be devided into grades according to the alphabet and grade A is consider the best. Now that im in Sabah, durias
Are everywhere and my dad had spents more than rm200 on durian here goes the durian.. Sharp as knife, smells like teen spirits but taste like honey huhu.. Finger licking goods


Puteri Nuur At-Terawis on December 30, 2011 at 9:16 AM said...

baby (panggil ala-ala che-che u yang balik celebrate xmas tu)

meh balik semenanjung meh.
tak cukup geng kuar lunch.

see u next year! :*


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