Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bye Bye Emelda!

Posted by Norazo at 8:08 PM

Today is the D-Day! The long awaited day for Emelda is finally coming.. her wish finally being answered after 2.5 years of waiting. Emelda was my housemate for 2.5 years. She got her transfer letter back to Sabah 2 weeks ago and my life has never been the same again since she broke the news.

During this time, i learn a lot from her as she is like a sister to me. A sister i wish to have ... i always wondering how was it like to have a sister?? I think i know it now hehe... The house i currently living in is kinda dull, empty and boring...i can clearly hear the sound of the clock ticking.. tick tick tick.. means its really quiet in here....

To Mel, i wish you all the joy in the world. Sorry for everything.. thank you for everything... today at the airport i wish to say the following but i didn't manage to say it because you were late and there was a lump in my throat and water in my eyes prevent me from saying...

1. Terima kasih di atas semua-semua-semua sekalilah
2. Minta maaf kalau ada salah dan silap, terkasar bahasa, menyinggung kata etc
3. Aku pn mo minta halal makan dan minumku yang memang terlebih dari kau pnya portion; dan
4. I am sooooo gonna miss your cooking and your nagging!

With her gone, no one gonna nag me in this house so its kinda boring.. now i have to adapt to my new life and hope for the best ..

Bye Bye Mel! Kamsahamnida Eunni! ^__________^

MH2616 to Kota Kinabalu now boarding

walk walk walk

our last picture before boarding.. we look bright hehe

bye bye Emelda!



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