Sunday, December 11, 2011

Aku dan Rider

Posted by Norazo at 9:31 PM

Aku selalu ada masalah ngan rider orang2 besar. Last night was my second case. Previously i was almost caught blocking YAB TPM rider. They were so fast and the siren sound was annoying and i'm panicked don't know what to do.

Kes pertama 2 weeks ago d traffic light berdepan bangunan baru kementerian wanita. Traffik light kaler merah so i was stop when a rider came behind me and and asked my car to move to the left. However if im not mistaken there was a car next to me and i can't move! The police waving his hand and i thought there you go i will definitely got a ticket! Luckily he move to the left and the rest of the cars in front of me were moving ahead and i remain there! 1 minutes after that there was a Perdana which i believe belong to YAB Deputy Prime Minister passed by and i still didn't move even after the car was disappear !

Last night on my way back from PWTC after sending my cousins to the hotel, me and Masnah were having a noisy chat as usual when there was a siren coming from behind. Then i told masnah, "geng ada rider". We at Jalan Istana when it happened. The rider asked a few car in front of us to keep left but i just move forward because i was in the middle lane. Suddenly, another rider coming and ride side by side with my car. I almost run over him. When i look to the right he was waving his hand to me and i thought there you go i will definitely got a ticket this time. I was so panicked and i didn't know what to do. When i was looking at him, i feel like he was looking straight into my eyes. I didn't realize i was shouting at that moment. Luckily i brought Masnah with me At least one of us should be able to think. Masnah told me to stop my car and i managed to stop!. The rider however left us and few seconds after that there were at least 6 more riders and a rolls royce car with a yellow flag. Kesimpulannya kawan2 semua, aku hampir2 melambatkan perjalanan Sultan malam tadi and almost accident ngan rider some more.

X cukup ngan TPM rider and last night aku menarik perhatian Sultan pnya rider pulak.. aigoooo... minta maaf encik2 polis. sya tak sengaja. saya takut and panic sbb siren "neno neno neno" tu bothering me a lot! After this i will stay away from all these rider.

Gambar sekadar hiasan tp motor yg diorang naik samer jer orang jer laen

p/s gmbr dicolek dr google. tiada kena mengena ngan 2 kes sebelum ni


Miss Layaleya on December 11, 2011 at 10:06 PM said...

hahahahaha.. ni la kisahnya.. xpe, smua org msti ada pngalaman cam u..


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