Sunday, November 13, 2011

My New Baby

Posted by Norazo at 12:33 AM
i bought this baby of mine 2 weeks ago
i love this baby..
i sleep with him beside me..
i sit with him next to me..
he will never out of my sight whenever im in my room...
in short he is my newest addiction...

the case....

that doesn't mean i forget about my 1st and my 2nd..
the both of them still with me..
in fact i bring my 2nd baby with me all the time!
how can i let go my love like that..
as a Pieces, i am a passionate lover

so.. let me introduce you to my new baby...

it's my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 yoo

can you spot my hyun bin???

the only reason i bought this gadget and denying iPad2 is because this baby support flash player..
never mind lah kan..
i still got my iPhone ^_________^

hehhehe old picture though ;p



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