Sunday, November 13, 2011

Imaginary Friend

Posted by Norazo at 11:03 PM

Growing up, i am so grounded by my mom. Living at my grandparents house with no other kids except for me and my brother is difficult for a 5 years old me. Being a brother, i dont think he want to play doll with me hahahah.. therefore i have my very own imaginary friend, not one but 2! sound creepy right..

i name one as Lina and the other one i can't remember.. These 2 have a different character. Lina is a kind hearted one while the other one was the one who always making trouble. Me on the other hand was the bridge between those two. I always talk to myself back then and my mom always scold me for that. I was confused when my mom mad at me and I do realized talking to myself was unhealthy but for me that is me playing with my friends! when our family move to my current house in Labuan, i started meeting my cousins who were same ages as me. From then on, the imaginary friends of mine start to disappear coz i have real friends to play with!

Some of my friends amazed when i told this story of mine. Thinking back, i also found myself unique! i was thinking everyone have imaginary friend while growing up. I thought it is a normal process for children to learn about life before entering their school year.. i read from wikipedia about Imaginary Friend. There is one particular line that caught my attention. It said "It has been theorized that children with imaginary companions may develop language skills and retain knowledge faster than children without them, which may be because these children get more linguistic practice while carrying out "conversations" with their imaginary friends than their peers get" Maybe... justtttt maybe that's why i always have a passion in linguistic subjects n____n

So that's a fact about me that you may need to know. I am now a normal healthy lady though.. hehe ;p. Ok that's all for tonight. Tomorrow is the ever so stress day of the week. MONDAY!

Have a productive week everyone. FIGHTING!!



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