Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When you say nothing at all

Posted by Norazo at 3:39 PM
Hallo everyone.. happy Tuesday..

Currently i am in the midst of exploring my brains for work related matters when i a suddenly have the urge to write here... i write here without knowing what to write.. i even put the tittle like that coz it's the only phrase that came into my mind when i click the New Post link at the top right coner of this page.. pheewww...

When you say nothing at all have nothing to do with my day so far. My day so far was fantastic. Having lunch with my friends here in my room and the same time watching "10 Things I Hate About YOU". Its an old school movie. While watching it, the good old memory rushes back to our brain and we just watch it with a smile and a laugh! A very good LAUGH i tell you XD

I got a headache and i smell like minyak kapak now hehe.. can someone massage my neck???

I thinks that's about it for now. Have to finish my writing.. and to JUJUE have fun at you new place ^__________________^ miss u a LOT!


jUliANa^sAlLeh on October 19, 2011 at 12:24 PM said...

i missssss u!!!!!! miss u alll!!!!!


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