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Trip to Seoul Part 3 : Mount Sorak - Seoul

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Hallo again and again and again and again...

I'm back with part 3 of my Seoul experience... ^___^

We visited Mount Sorak on the third day and we have to get up very early in the morning.. totally painful for me... We stayed at a resort close to Mount Sorak (i forgot the name). After having our breakfast, we head off to Sorak-san at 8.30 am. It takes 40 minutes to go there. The view along the road was breathtaking with mountains surrounding the road. We were told by Gina that we will take cable car to the top at 10.00 am. Yesss there is a cable car to reach the mountain and it was cool experience. Gina also told us that a week before we arrived the leafs has not changing colors yet but by the time we go there everything change. According to her we really experience the real autumn in Korea with the breezy weather and the changing color....

in front of the hotel uwah

We arrived at Sorak-san at 8.50 am and we lucky cause there was no traffic jam since its Monday. However, the place still jammed pack with the tourists and the Korean itself. As i mentioned in my previous entry Korean loveeeeeeee to go mountain climbing and their favourite spots is Sorak-San. According to Gina, the Koreans also loveee to climb Mount Kinabalu .There is a direct flight from Incheon Airport to Kota Kinabalu via Korean Air. So it is normal to meet Korean in Kundasang-Ranau-Kota Kinabalu (well this is slightly off the topic hehe)

Since we arrived early, we made use of the time by taking picturess!! yesss we dearly love to pose you know.. click click click!

Our group with the Bear protecting the Sorak-san

Sinheungsa with shira hehe

view of the mountain

my turn with the bear

Actually, there was a story behind the bear. Long long time ago there were 2 animals one is tiger and the other one is the bear. Both of them wish to become a human so they speaks to the God about it. One of the Goddess answer their prayer but with one condition. The tiger cannot eat any meat for a 100 days and the bear cannot take any honey plus meat also for 100 days. They both can only eat vegetables to survive and stayed in a cave. It was so hard for the tiger to follow the condition therefore she leave the cave before the 100 days is over but the cute bear remain. After 100 days over, the Goddess grant her wish and turn the bear into a beautiful lady. If i remember correctly the bear in the end married and live happily ever after (this story was told by Gina so if there is any misinterpretation i am so sorry).

Follow me people to the Sinheungsa n____n

look like Mount Kinabalu from afar

another view

beautiful colorful leafs

still following me???

the view around the temple

Sorak-san from the temple


There is an old temple inside Mount Sorak National Park and there is a spring water inside the temple area and the water come directly from the mountain. It said if you throw a coin inside the pool (just like i did) your wish will come true. However for me i just throwing the coin for fun aigooo...

I'm throwing my lucky coin into the spring water

can u spot my 20 cents among all the coins???

the spring water is refreshing! daebakk!

At 10.00 am we went up up up to the mountain using cable car. It only take 10 minutes to arrive at the cable house. If you wish to go to the top, there is a trail and again it only take 10-15 minutes to go to the top. Once we reach somewhat almost the top, the wind was blowing hard. Me and my housemate didn't dare to go to the peak of the mountain. However, one of our group member manage to land himself at the peak and won a medal! He also announced as the first Malaysian to reach to top! but we don't know the truth hehehehe... so while there of course la we do the posing hehehe....

on the way up

view from the cable car

go up up up!

at the top!

that's the peak of Sorak San

wind blowing i feel like dancing!

Korean flag at the summit (in pink shirt)

our friend got off the summit

me and the beauty of the nature

we took a picture with a group of omoni while waiting for the bus! they were sporting!

We had our lunch at another Seafood Restaurant. I forgot the name of the dish but it is similar to our "Asam Pedas" in Malaysia. It was delicious! Having delicious meal right after hiking is a match make in heaven.. Thank God for the foods....~~~

main dish in the middle

we were so full yummehh!

at another table

another table

in front of the restaurant

they took a picture with our bus driver! the ever so serious "hee san nim" but if you talk to him he is a nice person! hope u have a good business "hee san nim"

After lunch, Gina took us to the fish market. All kind of fresh and dried seafood can be found there!

the fish!

At 3.00 pm we finally continue our journey back to Seoul . While in the bus, Gina told us the brief history of Korea and how it divide into 2 (north and south). Gina told us Korea used to be one nation country for 600 hundreds years and Seoul is the capital city during the Joseon Dinasty. Seoul itself divided into 25 district two of which are Gangbuk and Gangnam. The both divided by Han River with Gangbuk in the north and Gangnam in the southeast. Gina also told us that Gangbuk is where most of the historical place of Seoul exists such as the Blue House, Gyeongbuk Palace etc. On the other hand Gangnam consider a new develop city. Those who have apartment in Gangnam area are rich but those who own a house in Gangbuk area richer than those who live in apartment at Gangnam area. This because the land price in Gangbuk area are much more expensive.

We had our dinner at 7.00 pm in Foreign Halal Restaurant in Itaewon area. Right after that we head to Centrio Hotel in Gangnam district. We finish our schedule for day 3. However, since its still early we decided to walk around the area. It was so cold that night and its killing me.. aigoooo. More picture pleaseeee

we had our dinner here

in front of a food stall very cool

it was actually very cold when this picture was taken.. ~~~

that was our hotel for 2 nights!

We back to our hotel at 9.30pm. Wash ourselves and off to sleep. Schedule for the next day start at 8.30am! Will update part 4 soon! bye


yatie_hyunnie on March 5, 2013 at 11:16 PM said...

hai..i want to ask you on how to go to mount sorak?? is there any easy ways by using public transport?? any suggestion?? and how much it is?? can you share about this with me?? thanks!! ^^


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