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Trip to Seoul Part 2 :Everland Theme Park & Nami Island

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This is part 2 of my Seoul experience... as i mentioned we were there for 6 days and 5 nights in a group of 21 persons overall. We departed to Incheon Airport from KLIA LCC Terminal on 22nd October 2011. The flight took 6 hours to reach Seoul and we arrived at 9.30 pm local time. Since it was night, Gina took us straight to Eulswang Tourist Hotel in Incheon. On the way to the hotel, Gina brief us the itinerary for the next day. In the morning we will visit Everland Theme Park (another Joongbo memory hehe) and after lunch we will be heading to Nami Island (Ssangchu Sonata hehe).

Pictures juseyo...

our carrier Air Asia-X see the sky aigoo

just landed peacee

good morning peace yo
The next morning after having our breakfast in the hotel, we were moving to Everland Theme Park by bus. Gina told us that the theme park was built in 1976 and it is the biggest theme park in South Korea. It has safari, indoor and outdoor games, various garden etc. Gina dare us to ride the highest and most extreme roller coaster there (the one Joongbo couple ride during their WGM days). Personally im not into roller coaster but since Joongbo ride it i want to try. but the problem is, it was Sunday and the theme park was pack with visitors. If we wish to ride any games we have to wait at least an hour. Therefore we didn't ride any hehe.... By the way, since i come from a warm tropical climate country, autumn in Korea was very cold. That early morning i can see my breath for the first time yo hahahaha! so damn cold ~~~~~

Here goes the pictures
while waiting for the bus to Everland Theme Park

Everland peaceee ^___^

Joongbo roller coaster scaryy

love and double peace

me n the giraffe

halloween in Everland

majestic view

the landscape was fantastic

another love another peacee

check out my sun glasses hehe

That afternoon, we proceed to Nami Island. As everybody knows, Nami Island is famous for Winter Sonata filming side. Since it's autumn, words can't describe the beauty of the leafs and the trees. Nami Island is located on the lake and according to Gina, it was originally nothing over there until one man came about 40 years ago and plant trees there. That is why the trees was in line. Before Winter Sonata, that island was famous for dating spots for couples and if the guy wish to propose his girlfriend, he will bring her there and spend their night there. Since most of people in South Korea are educated with Confucianism, it was forbidden for man and women to spend the night together. If the parents of the girl know that their daughter spending the night with the guy at the island, the couple has to be married ASAP. However, the funny thing is sometimes the guy purposely miss the boat to the mainland so that they can stay overnight and eventually marry the girl hahaha interesting fact isn't it. This was told by Gina not me made up the story ok ;p. Gina also told us the story behind couple t-shirt. In Korea, it is common to see couples wearing couple t-shirt or accessories. If the couple wearing same t-shirt it means that their relationship has just begun or they are honeymooners. While on honeymoon, the bride usually responsible to pack the cloths so the groom don't have any choice but to wear them. So cute la their culture hehe...

Ok here goes the pictures

our group

wow wow wow


look behind me

the trees

follow me peace

with the sonata couple

in between the love birds

with the sonata bicycle

time to eat yo!

Well that's all for part 2. Part 3 will be coming shortly... night!



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