Friday, October 28, 2011

Trip to Seoul Part 1 : Namsan Tower

Posted by Norazo at 11:16 PM
Assalammualaikum semua it has been awhile...

I never mentioned in this page that i'm going to Seoul right.. but now im going to share my wonderful experience there. It was very interesting and fun and lots more.... hehehe... we were there for 6 days and 5 nights in a group of 21 persons overall. For today, im not going to share the details on the 5 days experience there but i am going to share with you what happened at Namsan Tower, Seoul, South Korea.

We visited Namsan Tower on 25th October 2011. The ever so kind tour guide Gina told us that "Nam" mean south and "San" mean mountain. Namsan Tower located at the hill in the south side of Seoul. It was a television tower actually. It was one of tourist attraction in Seoul. For those who use their own car, they have to walk from the bottom to top of the hill which approximately take 1.5 hours. Korean loveeeee to go mountain hiking specially among their elders. So it is a common scenario to see the elders at the age 60 and above go hiking and their favourite spot is Sorak-san or Mount Sorak. Back to the Namsan Tower, since we went there with tourist bus, therefore we able to go to the top using our bus. But, not actually to the top though cause the hill was very steep and we have to walk for 15 minutes to go to the top.

Gina told us the interesting attraction of Namsan Tower. The Korean believe if a couple go to Namsan Tower and buy a padlock and lock it there their love will last forever until one of them open the lock but the problem is the key will be thrown from the hill. When i heard this, i asked myself what am i going to write on it? cause im single and not seeing someone but i want to do the locking. So i told my friend im going to put Hyun Bin name on it hahahahaha! I was thinking and thinking and thinking and do extra thinking when suddenly i got an idea! The idea was coming to me right before i got off the bus! I am over excited.

I told before that i am addicted to Joongbo right (Hyun Joong and HwangBo couple) so i put their name on it.. aigoooo what am i doing. I write their name in Korean however i made a slight mistake on hwangbo name. I right "ㅜ" instead of "ㅗ". I got confused that time as i was in a hurry.. i am so sorry... i was so down when i realized that i do the wrong spelling. I wrote " Hwangbo (in the middle got heart design) Hyun Joong Hope u happy". I was so blank and i should wrote something more meaningful and mushy but i didn't. I locked the padlock at the most strategic bar overlooking Seoul city (for me it's strategic though). I even took a picture of it and i throw the key down the hill. Oh by the way it's autumn in Korea and the leafs already changing colors. The view was so breathtaking!

on the way up! see the leafs... n___n

just arrived.. it was cold~~~

the Namsan Tower behind me

the Tower

it was surrounded by padlock!
this is my padlock sorry for the wrong spelling ~_~

the view

can u spot the padlock??

the view of the city

on the way down.. the leafs was sooo beautiful

mission accomplished!

As i put there on the lock, i really hope for their happiness and i really do hope that they are together.. please please pleaseee announce a good news soon.. Segyero!

To The World!!


Miss Layaleya on October 29, 2011 at 12:51 AM said...

wah, syok!! padlock tu i tgk dlm cite awan dania.. Scha ngan Jehan miskin letak padlock kat situ.. hehehe

Min Min on October 29, 2011 at 10:12 AM said...

very lucky u noks! u have been there! I just watch it in the tv during Awan Dania's tv episode...

Norazo Aslan on October 29, 2011 at 3:26 PM said...

sangattttlah bestnya kat situ nok nok! pasal scha tu kitorang mmg satu kapal pergi dan balik. tp beliau agak sombong la sbb x senyum pong. maybe dia expect kita sbg peminat yg kena tegur dulu kot tp x salah klu senyum dulu kan sbb beliau umpama melarikan pandangan apabila berdepan ngan kitorang. so kitorang pn x berani nak tegur apatah lagi nak begambar ataupun besalam. Hopefully Malaysian celebrity janganla nak main nyorok2 since anda tu disukai dan dikenali ramai... sekian wassalam

kiani said...

Namsan Tower, wow, I can just imagine the city view from the tower, just seeing the view in the background is definitely breathtaking indeed. I share the same passion as you about Ssangchu Couple, and I'm sure I would have done the same thing with the padlock, it certainly was an awesome mission, to the world...

LvKprogram on October 30, 2011 at 9:09 AM said...

Nice blog^^

Nam San changed so much and I wonder when
the Lock day I'll visit Seoul with
my family and visit places I grew up.
My kids are very interest in and visit where their
mom's from.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to
Seoul Korea!


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