Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nothing Better

Posted by Norazo at 10:38 AM
I was waking up this morning with stomach ache! i slept at 1am last night and have to wake up at 9am. 8 hours sleep.. it's not enough! but since i already woke up i cannot go back to sleep aigooo...

i dont know why but recently the weather getting colder and colder... are we having winter here in Malaysia?? i don't think so ;p... but one thing for sure October-December Malaysia will experiencing lots of rain... however, today the sky is clear with clouds! let me take a picture k ^___*
view from my room

lately i love looking at the sky.. maybe i dream of flying... flying home..Maybe someday in the future car no longer riding on the road.. instead there flying high in the sky?? perhaps perhaps perhaps...

Today my post is kinda boring. The title and the story unrelated at all! Nothing better is actually a Korean song by Brown Eyed Soul and its a ballad song so i like it!

I write today cause i feel like writing.. but i dont have any idea what to write. Lately i'm into JoongBo again and again... i just love reading about them.. how i wish they end up like TGL.. im bluffing!!!

This year Hari Raya Korban i will be coming home hehehe... this is the first time im gonna coming home for this celebration after 2.5 yrs here.. so can't wait to go home ^___^ some more my dear nieces also coming back.. best best best

Oklah that's all bye bye



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