Monday, October 10, 2011

Addicted to Joongbo

Posted by Norazo at 12:22 PM
It has been 3 years but i still addicted to joongbo and it getting worst day by day aigooo... They something within them that make me believe . This is weird but the way they treat each other! complimenting one another is beautiful to watch. Though they have been stressing so many times that they not contacted each other after the show end but they made us the joongboers believe otherwise.

Yesterday i found one fan made wedding video of them on youtube (that unlikely going to happen). It was so beautiful and it seems very real. It hurt my heart knowing it is most likely not going to happen. But if its happen then it is going to be a huge celebration huahuahua.. Many people don't understand why we attach to them so very much. If u curious try to watch their episodes on we got married season 1. Im pretty sure u gonna love them as much as i do hehe... please do click here n__n

When you watch them you feel like you wanted to be in love and feel the love. Since the show is a reality tv show so it was not scripted. You can see how their open their heart to each other until the day their part their relationship somewhat almost perfect... what make me believe that something indeed going on between them is the fact that they try very hard to DENY it... so i do believe and i am a believer...

I am so into them until i smile unknowingly while reading their thread on Soompi. While others busy discussing on national issues of 2 neighbor countries me on the other part of their world were busy reading the thread and i can't help but smiling aigooo.... i have so much fun reading and reading and continue reading...

Pleaseeee let Something Wonderful happen to both of them...


However.. whoever their choose as their life partner ..I Hope Their Love Always Happy

p/s call me insane but i really love these 2 peoples so very much specially Hwangbo Hyejung! n_____n


missgayda said...

don't worry ur not ALONE! let's continue to be "crazy", "delusional"or whatever others want to call us. hehehe TO THE WORLD!

Norazo Aslan on October 31, 2011 at 12:47 AM said...

ToTally agree with you :-)


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