Friday, September 16, 2011

Wake Me Up When September End..

Posted by Norazo at 9:09 PM
I was sitting in the little room of mine when suddenly something struck my mind... IT'S SEPTEMBER!. Then i remember the song by GreenDay "Wake Me Up When September End". The song was released when i was still in my diploma years. 2005 if i remember correctly..

September come... September go... im still the same.. aigoo.... suddenly i feel my laptop screen was bright and hurt my eyes... currently im listening to Yuna "Random Awesomeness" Some of the lyrics are "i'll turn something random to something awesome" and "what happened on your 24th birthday?"

Did i ever turn something random to something awesome?? i can't recall any....what am i doing all this years except for studies and going for works?? aigoo i hate to admit i live a quite boring LIVE hmmm.. what's the plan now?? what's the deal now??? This taking over my head again... EMPTY!

What happend on my 24th birthday?? i remember... my father deposited me a car. and that car currently park nicely at my hometown. That car, which i pay every month but i barely able to drive... cumulatively for the past 2 years i only manage to sit myself behind the steering 30 times kot... aigoo i miss my 24th birthday present... however, i still love and cherish my mom's SAA! Thank you for being here SAA..

So, should somebody wake me up when September end??? No need.. i can do it myself .. with determination and hard work ... hehehehe bye


Enjoy Yuna everyone!! She's amazing ^___^



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