Thursday, August 11, 2011

My 11th Ramadhan

Posted by Norazo at 9:58 AM
My 11th Ramadhan and something happend... I take it as a dugaannn.. Aigooo this is my 1st entry for August!! And now i am live from car workshop! What about my Ramadhan this year? Just like my previous Ramadhan, this year again i am celebrating the Holy month awayyyyy from my wonderful family. I feel like i have more strength this year alhamdullilah. (but my perut keriuukk keriuukk already now hahah) i can tahan the keriuk2 as long as im not tired. Keriuk plus tired is a total disaster ok..

Ahaa!!! I know what is the different now.. This year we have already move to the new building so during lunch hour boleh bersantai2 atas sofa yg empuk!! Sunggguhhhh syiokkkkk.... May favourite food for berbuka is mee hoon soup en.aslan style. Masak sndrla kan hehe. Di samping itu mee goreng my housemate styleee.. Sgt sedap ok her fried mee. One of the best i have ever taste! Actually, Apart from my mom, i love her cooking so very much. I like her kari ayam, her sayur campur, her daging kicap, potato sambal, and my most favourite is her kue teow goreng.. Aigooooooo sedappppp sangat! (not forgeting i love puter's cooking too ;))

Omg my perut keriukk keriukk lagi now. Gara2 fikir pasal makanan.

Oklah i think that's all dulu for now. Byee byeee


Miss Layaleya on August 11, 2011 at 11:49 AM said...

what hapen dear??? hope everything ok..


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