Friday, August 12, 2011

Long Long Time Ago

Posted by Norazo at 9:09 PM
Hallo semua.. assalammualaikum...

I just sms my cousin. She is by far my favourite cousin cause our age is about the same. We have similar interest. Drooling over boy bands during our secondary school years. We do a lot of things together and we did something stupid too!

Its funny how fast the time flies now she's married and still living in Labuan while im here. We no longer teenagers who loves to talk about boy bands, boys etc.. we a now a lady uuhhhhh.. hahaha funny la..

We rarely met and once we sit together she will pour me with all the updates and i am the obedient listener hehe.. masing2 will story masing2 pnya own life and sometimes we do reminisce our younger days and we laughing out loud when remembering how silly we were back then...

Aigooo i miss those times a lot! Can't wait to go home laa..

i'm gonna homeee



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