Sunday, August 21, 2011

I say a little prayer

Posted by Norazo at 10:42 PM
I am a hwangbo fan.. call me childish or whatever i love her.. she's kind, cool, pretty, etc etc.. i wish i met her someday somewhere.. she is the one i look up too in K-pop industry. I knew her through MBC program "whe got married" where she was virtually married with Kim Hyun Joong (Jujue's love fantasy hehehe). Honestly when i knew she was paired with much younger HJ i was WTH? KHJ is super cute and honestly HB was kinda plain at the beginning. However, when i continue watching the both of them i was drawn to her more than HJ. she is one of a kind. She is cool and beyond cool. she know how to cook, do house chores, knitting, sewing etc etc. Yess she look tough and her nickname is "General" btw she also have black belt in taekwando. how cool is that???? Though she looks tough on the outside but when i watch her old video in X-Man or Love Letter i kinda sad for her. Guys always treat her like a boys. They always make fun of her skin tone and her appearance. Whenever she wore dresses they teased her to the point i found it heartbreaking. Maybe she don't care but deep down i kinda feel she do care. She is after all a woman. Maybe it's their culture. I don't know it seems korean variety shows always make fun of other for them too look funny. That seriously not cool. Luckily i watch WGM and people know her and who she really is.

Recently she celebrated her 31 birthdays (32 in Korean years) so i made this entry tribute to her. I found a video on youtube about her and KHJ and whoever made the video must be a diehard JoongBo fans and total genius. i love youuuuuu. To Hwangbo, Happy Birthday! You are the sister figure i wish to have and i adore you so much! You are cool and pretty and i wish i can be like you but i am lack in many ways.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HWANGBO UNNI!

Their Wedding pictures

sweet ^___*


i say a little prayer for you...



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