Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dreamgirls at Istana Budaya

Posted by Norazo at 10:01 PM
Last Thursday me n my friends went to watch Dreamgirls The Musical at Istana Budaya KL. it was my furst time watching musical theater and it was fun thanks to Puter for offering me the tickets. Though we sit up up and above but it was worth watching.

During the whole show i was fascinated by the stage speacially the props! I was wondering how the hell they manage to put the props in just a blink of an eye??? how the hell they manage to change their wardrobe in just a few seconds?? this thought were bothering me so much but the only answer would be "they are pro and this is how their do their job every day!"

I love their performance, wardrobe, props and the songs. I never knew Dreamgirls. I just knew Beyonce was playing Dina Jones in Dreamgirls the movie and Jennifer Hudson won Oscar for her role as Effy White in the movie. However, i never watch the movie though. I just watch the news.

Quite recently, my officemate MaszCapog introduce me to Jennifer Holiday's song "And I'm Telling You". She told me that Jennifer Holiday was the original Dreamgirls's Effy White. Only then i knew Dreamgirls was originally a Broadway musical.

I was waiting anxiously for "And I'm Telling You". I have a very high expectation for the song after i watched Jennifer Holiday. When the one who played Effy (sorry i forgot your name) sing the song i was not hoping too much. She can really sing though not as good as Ms. Holiday but it worth watching. and during that night also i only knew "One Night Only" was one of the song from Dreamgirls production!

Unfortunately.. i was asleep during the 2nd part of the show. Their voices was so beautiful and it was like a lullaby song for me so i dozed off with my mouth slightly open hahahahaha!

Overall, it was a great performance and i enjoy the show so very much! Thank You Puter!! Mmmuahh mmmuaahh

**Pictures juseyo ^___^**

tgk tuuuu

Model DG min min hehe

the ontels


bersama MaszapoG peminat Effy! hehe

org sebelah terpaksa datang haha!

ohh SS

please do watch the original "And I'm Telling You" sung by Jennifer Holiday from her performance in 1982 start at 3.31




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