Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beribu sesalan

Posted by Norazo at 5:37 PM
Have you ever heard of trio Ning Baizura, Jac Victor and Shila Hamzah? They have collaborating and have come out with 3 Suara album. I really like their song "Beribu Sesalan" or "Deepest Regret". I like their combination, power, voices, feeling and showmanship. It shows. Malaysian music scene is small but it's booming and there are many talented people in the industry. Hope to see fine artist with quality and have their own identity.

I know K-Pop is dominating the music industry in Asia now but sometimes it is sad to see our young talent choose to copy their music and styles just to capture the market interest. I think that is inappropriate cause no matter how hard we want to be like them the taste is different, the feel is wayyyyyy different so it's just don't mix and match! We should let the cat out of the box! (new idiom i learn today haha). Mahatma Gandhi used to say "be the change you wish to see" so we have to change first in order to be different. The problem with our people is we don't want to change. We happily being who we are now. This attitude is threatening ourselves and our nation. Others have run but we barely move!

Therefore stop doing what others have done. try to make a new move, generate new idea, think hard, observe what other have and what we don't, improve ourselves, then we can help our nation grows.. maybe we cannot conquer the entertainment world, instead we can develop and improve our R&D. As a multiracial country we are considered lucky because we have a brain of a Malay, Chinese and Indian. This is a good combination. only if we forget our difference and belief we also can make a great combo and can grow grow grow...

fighting among ourselves only make things complicated. other nation grow stronger and we dont want to go apart! if we fight each other lose one another we only make things worst and it will be our deepest regret in the future...

before i end my thought, let us enjoy Beribu Sesalan by the 3 trios i mention above..

don't regret or it will be too late after we learn the truth



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