Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunao Ni Narenakute

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Sunao ni narenakute is japanese words for it's hard to say "I love you" . Lately im into J-Drama and sashiburi da ney (it has been long time) hahaha hope my translation and the used of the phrase is correct hehe..

Sunao ni narenakute is a title for J-Drama stars Ueno Juri and Eita who also stars in the ever popular Nodame Cantabile! I really love the series.. heartwarming, dreamy and lots and lots and lots of classic musics.. Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Schubert etc! Someday i wish to go to Vienna or Prague or Paris to watch live orchestra and to enjoy good music hehehehhee

My old time favourite J-Drama is Tokyo Cinderella Story. This was an old series actually as i was 10 when i'm watching it. It was very romantic etc etc.. however, when i watch it again i find myself wondering.. what am i thinking back then? but its still remain as my old time favourite hehe

Apart from that there was Beautiful Life stars Takuya Kimura. This series was terbaekkkk and blossom Takuya Kimura popularity in Malaysia. Every time Takuya on it is guarantee to be hit! I remember he was also stars in Long Vacation, the one he played as a lawyer i forgot the title and engine... i watch all ok!

And there also Takashi Sorimachi as Onizuka Sensei in GTO. This was da bomb yo~~~. My secondary school really filled with Hong Kong and Japanese drama haha. Takashi Sorimachi also play a role in Beach Boy together with Yutaka Takenouchi. He was HOT as the SUN during his prime time uhhhh... and he also played Hatake Takeshi (HATA) in a famous romance drama With Love with his teruterubozu. I remember when i was log in to IRC, there were a lot of user choose Hata and Teruterubozu as their nickname how childish!

And now i am coming back to Japanese creation however this time i am more into anime... romance anime perhaps hehehe "Kaichō wa Maid-sama" ikimashioooooo minna sang!!! ^___^

**pictures credit to google lor

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Menjelang Ramadhan.. Terima Kasih Fahiya

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Salam semua!! ^___^

Have u realized that pejam celik pejam celik the Holy Month Ramadhan will start next week! Wahh bestnyaaaaa!

Sempena menyambut Ramadhan, my buddy NOR FAHIYA BT. MOHAMAD menganjurkan majlis makan-makan menjelang Ramadhan di rumah beliau... seronokkkkk!!! perutku sangat kenyanggggg burbbbbb... alhamdullilah!

Thanks Fahiya and kawan-kawan... rasanya x sabar nak menghadiri open house hari raya pulak hehehe...

**Pictures juseyoooo**

the whole table

ayam masak merah sangat yummyy!! not forgetting telur masin hehe

kacang buncis goreng wah


terubuk goreng aduh duh!

sayur labu sedapppp!!

sambal belacan. aku x makan tp cik Masz suka mst sedap kan

chief cook baju oren... masak sambil cakap tepon tebaekkk

inilah hasilnya hehehe mee hoon goreng singapore


to this lady.. dah decide nak beli kerr???? hehe


p/s to Baby Adam Afiq semoga happy2 selalu.. sorry aunty bb x dpt datang ur majlis.. this was the early appointment

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dreamgirls at Istana Budaya

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Last Thursday me n my friends went to watch Dreamgirls The Musical at Istana Budaya KL. it was my furst time watching musical theater and it was fun thanks to Puter for offering me the tickets. Though we sit up up and above but it was worth watching.

During the whole show i was fascinated by the stage speacially the props! I was wondering how the hell they manage to put the props in just a blink of an eye??? how the hell they manage to change their wardrobe in just a few seconds?? this thought were bothering me so much but the only answer would be "they are pro and this is how their do their job every day!"

I love their performance, wardrobe, props and the songs. I never knew Dreamgirls. I just knew Beyonce was playing Dina Jones in Dreamgirls the movie and Jennifer Hudson won Oscar for her role as Effy White in the movie. However, i never watch the movie though. I just watch the news.

Quite recently, my officemate MaszCapog introduce me to Jennifer Holiday's song "And I'm Telling You". She told me that Jennifer Holiday was the original Dreamgirls's Effy White. Only then i knew Dreamgirls was originally a Broadway musical.

I was waiting anxiously for "And I'm Telling You". I have a very high expectation for the song after i watched Jennifer Holiday. When the one who played Effy (sorry i forgot your name) sing the song i was not hoping too much. She can really sing though not as good as Ms. Holiday but it worth watching. and during that night also i only knew "One Night Only" was one of the song from Dreamgirls production!

Unfortunately.. i was asleep during the 2nd part of the show. Their voices was so beautiful and it was like a lullaby song for me so i dozed off with my mouth slightly open hahahahaha!

Overall, it was a great performance and i enjoy the show so very much! Thank You Puter!! Mmmuahh mmmuaahh

**Pictures juseyo ^___^**

tgk tuuuu

Model DG min min hehe

the ontels


bersama MaszapoG peminat Effy! hehe

org sebelah terpaksa datang haha!

ohh SS

please do watch the original "And I'm Telling You" sung by Jennifer Holiday from her performance in 1982 start at 3.31


I Nonton Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

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Hallo it is almost 2.30am and here i am sitting in front of my lappy writing review on the movie hehehe.. jeng jeng jeng....

im not gonna spills too much coz i know our Ms. Min Min hasn't watch the movie yet so i am just gonna tell my general view

Soooo.... my general movie would be "EPIC" Harry Potter series itself is epic so do the final installment of the book and the movie! I assure you i can watch many times and will never get bored!

Last year November the first part of the movie was released and i did write something in here and i can't believe here i am sitting in front of the same lappy writing another review on the same movie after 8 months! wahh time did fly peeps!

I love everything about the last movie.. the casts, the plot, the fighting, the explanation everything... except one part though "The Snake" everytime Nagini appears i will squeal in my seat.. i even cover my mouth with pop corn coz i almost scream... luckily i read the book so i know when her scene gonna be so i always get ready hehehe...

Thumbs up to JK Rowling for creating such a beautiful and brilliant story and im sure the series is going to be a legend! Peoples all over the world are mesmerized by it and it bring everyone together.. Thumbs up to the cast Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grin for able to become one with the character and it fits so much with the book! Thumbs up to all the cast and whoever did the casting you guys are brilliant!

However, i did feel the movie wasn't that perfect coz i think the duration should be at least 2hrs and 30 min to 3 hrs haha! But, i still love the movie though and i cant believe it all ends! While watching i did cry.. i cry because i don't want it to be the end! Now no more Harry Potter and friends.. it is sad... sob sob

So to wrap up this review i just want to copy paste the following pictures in my blog for my viewers eyes

Good vs Evil

the good one

the evil





Harry and Ginny 19 years later hehe

and this is their son Albus Severus Dumbledore a.k.a Justin Bieber or Arthur Bowen


The Trailer!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bila terasa RINDU

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Tengah2 malam ni teringat lagu Bila Rindu by Ruffedge..

"Bila rindu,
Terkenang mu sayang, terasa sayu,
Syahdunya jiwa ku bila malam makin kelam,
Jauh terbang diri ku melayang,
Aku rindu,

Sentuhan mu, ku rasa sayu,
Inginkan jiwa mu selubungi jiwa ini,
Bawa ku dalam pelangi,
Melepasi batas diri ini"

Jangan salah paham yer kawan2... i rindu mereka ini...

Puteri Nur Zahirah

Puteri Alya Syafiqah

Ooooohhhh how i MISS them A LOT!

Tadi i managed to talk with alya she was soooo cute on the phone with her cute baby accent. Dia skg pandai cakap "ayam betelul" hahaha so funny.. when i asked her "alya sdh mandi?" she said "cudah. mandi kolam" i was LOL! then my bro said Kolam mean besen.. then i asked "alyah sudah makan?" she said "cudah, ayam naci" again i was LOL! and again my bro tolong translate. ayam naci means bubur ayam actually.. hahaa.. then she said some more.. "ayam nada" peminat ayam rupanya my niece yang satu ni hehehehe...

Good night dear Puteri.... Good night dear Alya.... Good Night everyonee...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i Nonton Transformers Dark of The Moon

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Well, Transformers is one of my most anticipated movie for the year 2011 and i only managed to watch the movie last night. Sungguh terlewat. The reason sbb xder org nak teman pg tengok n kedua i want to watch it with my brother. Unfortunately, my dear brother told me that the movie was so-so. Haiyooo mood jatuh sebentar. Then i told him so-so maybe because of no megan fox. He said probably.

So peeps, My comments are as follows:

(i) Megan Fox replacement shouldn't be created. Sam is better without female lead. He is much more better with only Bumbblebee

(ii) the plot was quite messy.. and lack of excitement;

(iii) at the beginning the story was quite boring;

(iv) frustrated coz minor interaction between Sam and his Bee;

(v)the fighting scenes seems very real.. i wonder what the real city looks like hehe

(vi) how can it's so easy for Optimus to kill megatron??? and how the hell that carly manage to persuade the NBE1??

however all in all it was a worth watching with 3D. I still love Transformers though. My rating 3/5

Can't wait to watch Deathly Hallows Part 2!

p/s tomorrow night im gonaa watch "Dreams Girls Musical" in Istana Budaya courtesy of Puan Puter! thank you Puterr

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sana sini

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Hari ni rasanya mcm bnyk waktu senggang.. hehe senggang yang aku cari sendiri sbnrnya... Monday yang not quite boring though sbb mood senggang hehehehehe.... oleh sbb kesenggangan yang diciptakan sendiri, aku pn menggodek la FB kawan2 sahabat2 lama.. bila aku telek2, ramai di antara mereka sudah kahwin. aku pun terkesima.. wah mereka sdh berkahwin! bilakah pulak giliran aku? soalan ini adalah soalan menyesakkan jiwa dan ragaku. rasanya ingin melarikan diri ke tempat yg orang langsung x kenal aku spya teada soalan2 sumbang bersifat cepu emas tanya bila aku mo kawen (perlukah aku berhijrah ke luar negara??)

However, running away is not the solution.. just live with it... though sometimes i did wonder.. is something wrong with me?? i think yess kot.. hmm hmm hmm.. hari ni sangat mengantuk. well monday ma hehe... tp the reason mengantuk sbb semalam tidur lewat. the reason tidur lewat pulak semalam aku tiba2 dilanda kerisauan yang melampau. Pagi tadi office kami diarah untuk menguruskan logistik untuk satu kunjung hormat. Aku dipahamkan kami hanya terlibat dengan unshering dan juga penyediaan makanan. so aku dah assign someone for the foods dan utk ushering tu senang ceritala. asyik muka kami sja. So, semalam masa tengah iron baju aku tiba2 dapat ilham baru pasal kunjungan hari ni.. risau tahap gaban menyebabkan aku tido jam 12. Risau punya pasal jugak aku call my mom and minta dia doakan utk aku. Alhamdulliah hari ni berjalan dengan baik setakat ini syukur. Plus meeting yang dijadualkan hari ni juga CANCEL! What a wonderful Monday hehehe

Sekarang ni aku sedang layan lagu beribu sesalan sambil menunggu detik 5.30 petang! ^____^

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beribu sesalan

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Have you ever heard of trio Ning Baizura, Jac Victor and Shila Hamzah? They have collaborating and have come out with 3 Suara album. I really like their song "Beribu Sesalan" or "Deepest Regret". I like their combination, power, voices, feeling and showmanship. It shows. Malaysian music scene is small but it's booming and there are many talented people in the industry. Hope to see fine artist with quality and have their own identity.

I know K-Pop is dominating the music industry in Asia now but sometimes it is sad to see our young talent choose to copy their music and styles just to capture the market interest. I think that is inappropriate cause no matter how hard we want to be like them the taste is different, the feel is wayyyyyy different so it's just don't mix and match! We should let the cat out of the box! (new idiom i learn today haha). Mahatma Gandhi used to say "be the change you wish to see" so we have to change first in order to be different. The problem with our people is we don't want to change. We happily being who we are now. This attitude is threatening ourselves and our nation. Others have run but we barely move!

Therefore stop doing what others have done. try to make a new move, generate new idea, think hard, observe what other have and what we don't, improve ourselves, then we can help our nation grows.. maybe we cannot conquer the entertainment world, instead we can develop and improve our R&D. As a multiracial country we are considered lucky because we have a brain of a Malay, Chinese and Indian. This is a good combination. only if we forget our difference and belief we also can make a great combo and can grow grow grow...

fighting among ourselves only make things complicated. other nation grow stronger and we dont want to go apart! if we fight each other lose one another we only make things worst and it will be our deepest regret in the future...

before i end my thought, let us enjoy Beribu Sesalan by the 3 trios i mention above..

don't regret or it will be too late after we learn the truth

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ramadhan Datang Lagi

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I know it's a bit early but 3 weeks it's not that early kan.. minus this coming week it's exactly 2 more weeks! I love the atmosphere during the Holy month of Ramadhan and not forgetting the fooodsss.. some say Ramadhan is a good time for dieting but its not. With variety of food to choose from you will forget the word D.I.E.T trust me.

I am so happy living in a colourful Malaysia (though the recent events scare the hell out of me). i hope we can celebrate another peaceful Ramadhan and Syawal this year.. with lots of food and lots of loveeeee...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cry Me a River

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I'm in the mood of listening "Cry Me a River" by Barbra Streisand. However, i love Susan Boyle's cover of the song.. soothing and sounds so sleepy.. lullaby... put me at ease...

Now you say you're lonely
You cried the long night through
Well, you can cry me a river
Cry me a river
I cried a river over you

Now you say you're sorry
For being so untrue
Well, you can cry me a river
Cry me a river
I cried a river over you

You drove me,
Nearly drove me out of my head
While you never shed a tear
I remember all that you said
Told me love was to plebeian
Told me you were through with me
Now you say you love me
Well, just to prove you do
Cry me a river
Cry me a river
I cried over you

You drove me
Nearly drove me out of my head
While you never shed a tear
I remember all that you said
Told me love was to plebeian
Told me you were through with me...
And now you say you love me
Well, just to prove that you do...
Come on! Come on!
Cry me a river...
Cry me a river...
I cried a river over you
I cried a river over you...

p/s it gave me a james bond feeling while listening to this song hahahahha


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Knowing the fact that here i am sitting in my room
Knowing exactly there's something going on in the heart of KL

Is it FUNNY?
When the fact that all we want is peace
All we want is Happiness

When among ourselves fighting over power
Fighting over wealth

Is it FUNNY?
When we living in fear?
When we live in worry?

Knowing right now the worlds judges us through their CNN
Feels our home is not safe

Is it FUNNY?
We used to sympathize others for what they have been endured
and now we actually in it (almost)

It is SAD that we're becoming like this over POWER which we mirrored as JUSTICE!

***words from my coconut head****

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Perhimpunan kuning

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Salam semua...

Hari ni aku merasa sedih. Aku bagitau masz capog aku sedih dengan berita2 yg tengah HOT di pasaran ni. Tentang masalah bersih membersih ni. Terlalu bnyk rumors yang circulating pasal perhimpunan ni. aku x faham kenapa perlu buat mcm ni. negara kita ni demokrasi terpimpin tapi bg aku benda2 mcm ni tidak perlu terjadi. Ianya tidak akan membawa kepada penyelesaian tapi akan menyebabkan sesuatu yg lebih besar akan terjadi. yang aku takut sesuatu yang negatif. kadang-kadang agenda sesetengah pihak yang ingin berkuasa hanya akan membawa kesenangan kepada golongan yang hendak berkuasa sahaja. golongan yang biasa yang hanya mahukan keamanan, kedamaian, kebahagiaan akan terjejas dengan perbuatan dan perlakuan seperti ini.

Kita tak perlu jadi seperti orang. tempat org buat perhimpunan untuk mengubah kerajaan kita pun nak buat mcm tu. Yang aku nmpk impak2nya hanya membawa kesengsaraan kepada rakyat. Apa tujuan kerajaan ditubuhkan? demi kesejahteraan dan membawa keharmonian kepada rakyat. walau bagaimanapun, tingkah laku seperti ini tidak sekelumit pun membawa kesejahteraan kesenangan dan keharmonian kepada rakyat jelata. ianya akan membawa ketakutan, kerisauan dan kesedihan yang lebih besar. sebagai seorang yang ingin membela nasib rakyat, kita hendaklah mendahulukan kesenangan semua orang terlebih dahulu dan bukan kesenangan segelintir orang sahaja.

Memenangi hati rakyat bukan dengan cara meracun minda rakyat ataupun membeli hati rakyat. tapi cukuplah dengan mendekati rakyat dengan hati yang IKHLAS dan bukan dibuat2. Peristiwa yang bakal terjadi ni (hopefully cancel) akan meruntun jiwa rakyat yang tidak mahukan sebarang bentuk keganasan. Kita membina kerajaan bukan untuk kesenangan kita sekarang tetapi untuk anak, cucu cicit kita. Maaflah kalau luahan hati ini menyinggung perasaan sesetengah pihak. Tapi sebagai rakyat yang cintakan kedamaian aku rasa aku perlu meluahkan apa yang aku rasa d sini.

Pagi2 dapat called from my mom yang melarang aku keluar ke mana2 sabtu ni. why? sbb mereka risaukan keselamatan anak mereka. Aku percaya not only my parents, tp semua keluarga yang berada di luar KL yang mempunyai anak menetap d sni juga merasai kerisauan dan ketakutan yang sama. Sanggupkah kita biarkan golongan2 mereka ini tidur tak lena makan x basah hanya kerana ingin bersih membersih ni?? klu anda hati kering anda sanggup. Tapi hatiku tak sekering hati orang2 yang kering ni. Luruh jiwa ragaku bila mendengar rayuan my dad pulak sebentar tadi. He mentioned kalau aku SAYANGKAN MEREKE JANGAN KELUAR KE MANA2 SABTU INI. Hanya Tuhan yang tahu betapa aku SAYANGKAN mereka berdua. Aku sangat2 marah ketika ini kerana gara2 perhimpunan yg bakal terjadi ni kerana meragut KEDAMAIAN HATI KEDUA ORANG TUAKU. sekarang ni x pasal2 mereka risau.

aku cuma berharap negara kita tidak akan senasib dengan negara2 yang sering melaksanakan perhimpunan sebegini but in the ends tetap nasib rakyat yang tidak berdosa teraniaya... kita d sini menderita, takut, risau, marah, tapi di sebalik semua itu ada orang lain yang ketawa terbahak2 melihat nasib bangsa Malaysia ketika ini. Jangan biarkan orang2 seperti ini melakar nasib bangsa kita, menghasut minda kita. Kita yang harus mencorak bangsa kita bukan orang yang tiada kena mengena dengan kita..

sebelum kita terfikir untuk membuat sesuatu yang besar seperti ini, remember who we are, how we become what we achieved now and dont let past history make a comeback! Silalah menikmati lagu di bawah n tolonglah fikir akan Malaysia as a whole not as an individual!

please don't ruin their future

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend with officemate!

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Hallo semua.. my first entry for the month!

My weekend this week was so-so.. Kitorang kena pegi kursus SKT (dont ask me what it means. if u r in the gov line, u may know what it mean). For 2 days (not exactly 2 days) we were having a discussion, listen to the ceramah, then eat then discuss some more, ceramah some more and eat and more and more and more!

however, its not that boring. thanks to my aipong and friends around me. we enjoying ourselves, have a nice chat with housemate and playing pretend with Erin.. hehehe...Puter bring her gorgeous kids and went swimming (just the kids)..

The one thing i regret the most was for not bringing my laptop! i CANNOT live without my lappy. However, i have a very strong desire to own an iPAD or samsung galaxy tab! thanx to my rumate hehe..

We were staying in Selesa Resort in Bukit Tinggi. The suasana quite ok laa for the price. The only thing that i cannot tahan was the ghost story. I tried to forget it and i made it until i was wide awake in the middle of the night! i was pusing sana pusing sini for 1 minute before i realize the person next to my bed also pusing pusing and i know she's awake! knowing that, i went back to sleep hahahha.. jahat sekali. sorry masz capog!

here goes the pictures!

Putera mama ^__^

Puteri mama ^___^

writing something???

lope having fun!

so do phia

azwa by the pool!

my anggota!

view from our apartment

in the class!

heated discussion



ok! that's all bye bye n good night!

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