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Review Filem KL Gangster

Posted by Norazo at 1:21 PM

Salam Olls...

Yesterday my housemate and i went to watch KL Gangster at 4.30pm. Full house ok. I went to watch cause my housemate is a biggest fan of Aaron Aziz. So my rating? i give 3.8/5. It was a great movie. I recommend it for you to watch it. Thumbs up to the actors specially Zizan and Sofi Jikan. The both of them were so funny hahaha..

Sofi Jikan as Ajib

Zizan as Fadil @ Abang Long Fadil

Here goes the synopsis:

"KL Gangster" tells the tale of two brothers who get involved in the world of gangsterism. The older brother Malek (Aaron Aziz) was imprisoned for five years after being betrayed by his own gang which was started by Shark (Syamsul), the step brother of the most influential gangster in Kuala Lumpur, King (Ridzuan Hashim). Malek who leads a normal life after being released, is pulled back into the world he left behind after all those years. Especially since his younger brother Jai (Adyputra) is influenced by the gangsters and decides to work for Shark bringing everything down in chaos."

The things i like about the movie are:

1) No love lines;
2) Action packed;
3) uphold Family value (though i hope to see Zeti, Jai and Malek reconcile by the end of the movie); and
4) Friendship.

Aaron, Adyputra, Adam Corrie, Ridzuan Hashim are really good actors. Aaron with his cool manners, Adi with his quick temper, Adam with his Taiko attitude and Ridzuan with all his experience can really blend with the character well. Unfortunately for Syamsul, u need to brush up ur acting skills la bro. However, u do make a lot of improvement in term of acting and directing. Thumbs up to you for able to gather a good actors in your movie because actors are the one who makes the story real. This movie is really 1Malaysia. Got Malay, Chinese and Indian. All gangster hehehehhe

Aaron Aziz as Malek "the ex-convict"

Adyputra as Jai (Malek's brother)

Adam Corrie as "Dragon"

Ridzuan Hashim as "King"

Shamsul Yusof as "Shark"

The things i don't like about the movies are:

1) the story was a bit messy;
2) the way shark hold his guns while shooting; and
3) no other car on the road except Fadil's car, and the gangster hummer. Which part of KL is that???

Though there were some parts which i think can be retouch but still this movie is highly recommended. So for those who haven't watch the movie yet buy the ticket cause for me it worth to watch. Support local movie ok! I hope to see Malaysian movie is at par with other Asian country in the region like Hong Kong, Korean and Japanese.

Enjoy the trailer...


*picture credit to uncle google and trailer from youtube!



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