Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ohh i hate workshop!!

Posted by Norazo at 8:40 PM
Salam Olls....

This is not workshop workshop ok.. this is some sort of seminar + meeting kind of workshop. Tomorrow i have to attend workshop in one of the Ministry in Parcel E. I kinda worried if i am ask to attend this kind of thing. Why? cause i am afraid of what are the questions gonna be like. I am representing my Ministry and the word "Ministry" is BIG. Some more this workshop is a brainstorming session to prepare a speech specifically to the Top Gun in this COUNTRY. How big is that? it's really big. I am in a position where i can't make a decision and this is what trouble me the most! However for tomorrow, i am quite lucky cause i will be accompany (or rather i accompany them) by a senior official from my Ministry. BUT i still worry after knowing who will come tomorrow so here we go again..

The workshop will last for a DAY and i sincerely hope its not going to be a hell of a day.. how i wish there will be a handsome, tall, specky, young guy will be attending the same workshop tomorrow so that at least i have a small motivation to live my day... dream dream dream hehehe

ok that's all XoXo



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