Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Dear Brother

Posted by Norazo at 3:30 PM
Salam O'lls...

Today my dear brother the one who study in UiTM Melaka makes my parents worried and my heart did flutter a bit!. Apa tidaknya since this morning my parents can't reach him through his mobile phone and so do myself! i try not to think and when i open his FB his last post was SCARE! i was like "is this got to do with something??" What made me even more nervous when i heard my parents voice while talking to me specially my Dad sound so fragile, worried and in a vibrate mode!" my Dad is a very cheerful person and love to joke but he sound so different so i am scared for him. Clearly he is worried.

Next step i tried to contact his bestfriend. Unfortunately, he also off his HP. This made me even worried. Then i contacted his twin asking for his gf number. Luckily my bro the one in Sabah has the girl's number. I called her. She picked up. I asked her did my brother contact you today? she said no. I asked again what about last night? she said yes. She then furnish me with a clue that calm my heart . According to her, his hp was broken and he was using his friend's hp. Phewww... Then my dad called me and i told him that. Jokingly i said to my dad if we cannot reach him we can ask his gf coz surely his gf know everything when even my parents and me don't! My dad still worried said he will not satisfy until he hear his voice himself!

Then i tried to contact him again and again but to no success! I then decided to call his university. To cut the story short, the operator gave me his program coordinator number. I dialed the number and manage to talk to the coordinator. He promised to help me find my brother whereabouts. I wait and wait and wait until my office mate suggest for me to contact his friend through his facebook's friend. Among all of his friend on FB, there is one person who add me as her friend. I don;t know her motive maybe she like my bro kot hahaha!! I clicked her profile then i click the message button and types a few words before i received a phone call from my dear brother! i was like THANK GOD!

My first sentence to him was "MOHD FARIZI ASLAN!" then i went ding dong cong ceng, kebabom, boom boom boom before i asked him to call En. ASLAN. According to him, his battery was kong and the hp was arwah. He use his friend's hp but since the battery was drain so he left it in his room! Betuah punya budak!! Afterward, my Dad call me then he said how dare you guys treat me like this on Father's Day! i said not yet la Lo Tau! he said but still around the corner ma.. its a Father's Day month!

Whatever it is, all turn out well and both sides satisfied... Ucapan penghargaan to Tn. Hj Ismail koordinator program DAIS UiTM Melaka for helping me today!


Anonymous said...

amat lawak ok! amat amat! -officemate-

Miss Layaleya on June 16, 2011 at 7:17 PM said...

wah, terbaekkkk!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha.. nk gelak lagi pjg..:)

Norazo Aslan on June 16, 2011 at 8:55 PM said...

Mas: You were my witness semalam hahaha

Fahi: now you know why i jadi mak tiri cinderella kn hahahaha


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