Monday, June 27, 2011


Posted by Norazo at 12:41 PM
Salam semua.. happy MONDAY!

This week Monday is the most memorable Monday for the year. WHY? Because my car was clamp and i have to pay RM30 to release it! Padan muka sbb sapa suruh aku park my SAA merata2! With heavy rains this morning i was soaked wet! dugaan... CObaan...

Today i'm fasting. i am not in the mood to do my job! Can i go home???

I want to write a poem for Monday but im not in the mood to think so i cut and paste jer lah..


Monday must be the most horrible of days.
The reasons its horrible are too horrible to say.
But with that said, I'll try to explain
Why Monday must bring us oh so much pain.

You see on Monday, you work with a frown.
The full work week ahead has gotten you down.
The weekend has come, and the weekend has passed,
And like all weekends it just didn’t last.

But Monday sure lasts, it lasts so long.
You keep checking your watch to see what’s wrong.
But against your wishes your watch is just fine.
Against your wishes you can’t speed up time.

So you sit and you wait and you pretend to work.
You dream of a boss that isn’t a jerk.
But then you wake up and you almost cry.
You wish and you wish that the day would just die.

But wait, please listen, don’t worry my friend.
For one thing is certain, all Mondays must end.
Now that it’s been said, I’ll say it again.
More Mondays will come and more Mondays will end.

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