Saturday, June 11, 2011


Posted by Norazo at 12:24 AM
I am currently reading 2 books. The first one i bought last week and i still hasn't finish it yet and the second one belong to tirex and she reccomended it. I was thrill to read the 1st book until i reach chapter 60 when i said to my self "ENOUGH". why?? Coz it's beginning to feel nonsense! Mengarut mengarut mengarut! Luckily it's only cost me rm19.90. If notttt i will write back to the writer huh!

The second book was more mengArut than the first one. I couldn't bring myself to read the book coz it's make me feel WTH?? i only can read up to chapter 5 before i again said ENOUGH! Im sorry tirex. We don't share the same idea. If only i skip the earlier part and move on to the middle of the story maybe it can give me a different feeling and thoughts. Maybe i can agree with my mini me tirex! I hope coz i don't want to dissapoint her for she brought the book all the way from her family house in Jasin.

I'll try to free and open up my mind for tommorow... Who knows i'll change my mind ^_____*



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