Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kisah Hati

Posted by Norazo at 7:19 PM
salam uollssss..

It has been awhile kan.. i rarely visit my blog for the past 2 weeks let alone write a post! The reason is because i was so busy with preparation meeting between our Ministry and Thailand. If you asked me how was it? i would say HELL! I'm gonna be buried alive! but i learn my lesson. Forget about it...

Now i found my new hobby... reading... i like it! hehehe.. i never bought any books except during my university years... to date i already bought 2 in a week! hebat kan... and recently i fall in love with Alyah new single Kisah Hati.. the lyrics was so touching as if i'm reading a novel! plus the guy in the MV is Remy Ishak! i have to admit he's gorgeous! hahahahha



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