Friday, June 10, 2011

Bertabahlah wahai hempedu....

Posted by Norazo at 3:52 PM
Salam ollss~~

To date, i rarely updating my blog. I am busy reading my novels and work of course. While i'm reading i am reflecting myself through what i read. I know novel is just a creation from imaginative mind of a writer but i do believe someone just like in the character do exists somewhere in this world. When i am comparing myself to the female character i find myself is the complete opposite. It makes me think? Is such person really exists cause they are so perfect!

Since i read a lot, i learn a lot. Specially the vocabulary part. I am so into it and sometimes my daily phrases also a line i picked from the novel! Puter said i cannot read too much cause i absorb almost everything! one think i notice from the writers is they choose the word "hati" a lot. Such as, "bersabarlah wahai hati", "tenanglah wahai hati". Due to that, i told puter, if i'm to write a novel, i will not gonna use the word hati to calm the character. I will use 'jantung' instead! hahaha. I will write it as "bertabahlah wahai jantung" ahahah... then puter said she will put it as "bertahanlah wahai hempedu" hahahah this cracked me up a lot.. When 2 silly mind put together it will create ROFL!

I actually envy the writers. to be exact i envy those who can write well, choose the words well and put it in a beautiful writing.. now i know why they can come up with the idea. Becauseeee they read a lot! I hope someday i can be a good writer too... i'm in an early stages to become a good reader and a good writer perhaps! hehe ok lah.. till then sayonara

the future me hehehe

p/s i read min min latest entry and she use "cuak". I asked puter what is it mean and anis answer.she said "takutla cik jia" oh now i know. I thought cuak means boring hehehe...



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