Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When money is not a problem..

Posted by Norazo at 10:06 AM
Have you ever thought of money is the solution to every problem that associate with our everyday life???? well i did.. those who have money , have power! those who have money earn respect! those who have money have anything that ordinary person can only dream off!

Last Friday Puter asked me "if there is a prince somewhere ask you to marry him do you accept his proposal?" i confidently said "NO!" " she said "why?" i said "i don't like protocol". she said again "what if he brought something u really want right in front your eyes how do u feel?? example k-pop artist???" then i was silence and try to calculate.. should or shouldn't i accept his proposal??? it seems up until now i cannot find the best answer for the question ;p.

What if someday, someone like a prince come into our life and offer us everything that we dream off and as a return we have to be with him?? everything people everything.. the power, the money and the fame! all we have to do is just to return his love.. honestly for me this is a very tough question. if i'm a materialistic i will quickly say YES but i don't know what type of girl i am (someone who bash 1 movie and being bashed back kot hahaha).

when money is not a problem.. people can do anything even buying love! come on buy my love please i really need it ;p..

i just hope those who have money, power and fame please use your money to charity and help those in needs.... TQVM

Last week Friday as you all know was the royal wedding and that evening me and puter was sitting in front of her pc where i was pretending to be the director of the camera hahaha! maybe if you notice there were putting many camera along the road and the wall and me was pretending to give instruction to those cameras and said things like "camera 10 u r on now" "camera 14 you are next, ready" "camera no. 1 take the picture!' (btw camera no 1 is puter). I have a lot of fun that evening with puter and i want to keep that memory forever cause just like puter said, when you will have a time to watch future king of England marry kan.. hehehe . I myself have a chance to snap some pictures here it goes!

the ring!

the vow!

i will!

i am mrs. will!

harry! ^__^

so the question is, whose going to be mrs. harry????

is it long time gf chelsy davy in green (is that green btw) ???


or Kate Maid of Honor her sister Pippa Middleton??

But if you ask me, between the two i choose Pippa but harry if you want to marry someday please find a decent girl and not a party gal ok! xoxo



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