Saturday, May 28, 2011


Posted by Norazo at 1:11 PM
Holla everyone.. it's Saturday! My favourite DAY of the week! Why? because i can wake up late, i can sleep late, i can sit and do nothing, think nothing, worry nothing, and etc etc.. i am a no rules person. i hate following schedule, deadline, doing chores and etc etc.. i rather laying around then fools around and that's me.. how long should i live like this???i like how i am now.. no commitment just enjoying myself with my friends. BUT the very deep down in me i kinda lonely??? lonely is not the right word but i feel hollow... kosong.... Lonely is when you feel alone but i'm not alone.. so hollow i choose you ;p.

My housemate Tini got married and she move out starting tomorrow. Now down to the 2 of us. Me and mel decided not to take another housemate coz we fine just the 2 of us plus more privacy and more place to dry our clothes ;p...

To Tini hope you live a HAPPY live with your husband and make a lots of baby k ^___*

I like their pink!

the bride!

p/s sorry Tini aku ambik gmbr ko ni hehe



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