Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Mysterious Neighbour

Posted by Norazo at 10:15 PM
I living in a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 others and we have this front door neighbour who we rarely sees but seems very mysterious. He rarely at home and he doesn't open his window and curtain plus he doesn't grill his door! amazing isn't it. He is so mysterious and my housemate sometimes feel uncomfortable. He just living quietly in his house and sometimes his friends came over bringing tapau for him Not 1 but 6! sometimes we wonder how many are there in his house and does he kept someone as a pet??? we have a very wild thinking hahahahaha.. and today i met him in the elevator! at first i didn't realize it was him until we both reach our door. OMG, i thought, the mysterious man! If u sees his face he has an innocent looks, fair skin and im taller than him. he is not that short just an average height and he seems in his early 30's. Often there will be someones knocking on his door and there is another one and another one. There was one time his door knob was gone and my housemate was scared to death. She even suggest for us to report him to the security office hahah.. to that extend ok. However, seeing him today i guess we just have a wild imagination. Maybe because he is so quite and us was so loud! ;p

Whatever it is, i just hope he can continue to live quietly and don't bother us his front door neighbour!



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