Sunday, May 22, 2011

Online Lover?

Posted by Norazo at 4:27 PM

I'm currently in the midst of reading Biarlah YM Berbicara. Hampeh! baru mukasurat 121 mak dah geli geleman seluruh badan. Be reasonble boleh??? Back in early 2000's, chatting was a phenomenon. Everyone have their own nickname and i have quite a few myself. Back then everybody want to have bf/gf on the net. I started chatting at the age of 16 and im quite addicted to it hahahha. BF?? i have numbers of them hahaha funny la... i once know this one guy from chatting and he wished to see me but i don't want to. My best buddy willing to post as me and met him It turn out that the guy was NOT HANDSOME at all and we LOL. This friend of mine (now a mother of one) was a very sweet looking girl and the guy was tangkap lentok towards her. I said padan muka! Once we met him and his group at a shopping mall and the guy was calling my name but looking at her hahahahah.. we were so scared and tried to runaway. He followed us. Then, one of his friend was interviewing my other friends and while waiting for them their other friend came and greet us. When he asked my name i was a bit panicked but my imposter ni quickly reply my name is Linda! of all the name ok.. and she was Rina (her actual name la kan)... funny la... the magical world of 18 years old me and my friends.

However, one of them was good looking and he was the only person who did not take interest on us. When he walked past me and my friend we were looking at each other and said "ohh handsomenya" hahahaha.

When im reading the book, i remember my old self and i can't stop smiling. Waiting day by day for that someone to appear in my online list, then promised each other to continue chatting tomorrow at this time and this time.. then day dreaming in class and all lah.. funny la....

Berangan betol!


Min Min on May 26, 2011 at 9:54 AM said...

I heve my blind date once and it start from chatting case...hahaha...KUITHHO student n I'm just 16 that time...xhensem but that is the 1st n last we met...n no more chat..hahaha


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