Sunday, May 29, 2011

My first NOVEL!

Posted by Norazo at 11:49 PM
Hallo semua...

This is my 3rd entry in just 1 night! terbaeekkkkkkk! Ok my first novel... what i mean is not the first novel i've read coz i've read more than a dozen i think ... it's the first novel i bought! hehehe.. i don't know from where i got a guts to buy a Malay novel but i did! Right after i fetching my car at Puter's place i went to Alamanda to buy a present for my friend. Then my legs was taking me to MPH and to the novel section and i took one hahahahha... This is like the biggest transition for me hehehe.. yess i am officially OLD and mature LADY.. (even though the police traffic here at IPD Putrajaya thought i was a student) No pakcik Polis! Im not Student! I'm an officer! I'm a ptd ok.. huh.. (puter asked me to use my gred if these ignorant people looking down on me)

ENOUGH! so what novel did i bought? It was "Hati Yang Luka" (bleeding heart) by Norhayati Ibrahim! First released in 2004 and this year marks it 10 printing edition! hebat.. i know this novel from Tirex. One day i went back home with her and we talked about Malay Novel. She told me her old time favourite novel were Hati Yang Luka, Bicara Hati (i like this one) and Kasih Suci (currently air on TV3 Mon-Thur at 7-8 pm). So far i am attracted to the story line cause i can't predict what's coming! hehehe.. i like when i'm CURIOUS....

the cover! creepyyyy

Okla mo tido... Night2

p/s i was ssooooo happy for SALMA for winning MENTOR5 cause i voting for her k hehehe .. siap paksa puter vote lagi hahahaha



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