Friday, May 20, 2011

Getaway with my FAMILY

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Hollaaa ollss'... assalammualaikum

I have a lot of fun this week coz i've got a chance to get together with my family! We've been to so many places and i'm driving! Living in Putrajaya i rarely drive to KL but since my beloved ones came to visit i gamble everything! and the most fun part of it was ME NORAZO ASLAN WHO ALWAYS GOT LOST FINALLY CAN FIND MY WAY AROUND KL! yeeeeeehaaaaa (though most part of it i just try an error) but who cares as long as we arrived safely. They arrived on 15 May 2011 at 10pm from Kota Kinabalu and i drove them around Putrajaya. Night view in Putrajaya are breathtaking and my brother did took some pictures from the bridge using his Nikon.

The next day (Day 2, 16 May 2011), my brother wanted to bring his girls to National Zoo. I said OK No problem (though my mind was saying OMG where the hell is the zoo hahaha). However, with Erin's guidance , i found my way there! As soon as i saw the sign my heart jumping up and down yesss yesss yesss! While there, i was excited to see all those animals and so do my 2 nieces! We took a ride in a tram car and the driver took us half way before he let us down near the tiger's cage. Knowing the zoo, it have all kind of animal species and the only place that i was not into was SNAKE cage! OMG. i just wait for them outside with the crocodiles and the tortoises! Here are some pictures while we at the zoo!

the biggest pipe?

strolling in the zoo

with uncu adie

the curious face!

"daddy i'm tired"

mr. crocodile

"what is that?"

Day 3, 17 May 2011. My sister in law wish to buy some fabrics for Hari Raya and again i drove them all the way to Jalan TAR! i made it yo! We went to Jakel and Ariani then we took the train to KLCC and we land our feet at Aquaria (i made an entry about Aquaria guy on the 17th hehe). I was excited as always. When we entered the Aquaria we were told not to use the flash if we wish to take the pictures. According to the staff, the flash light from the camera will harm the fish and eventually they will die slowly. i was shocked to know the fact and i feel sorry for them. Unfortunately, there are still some visitor who i take it as NOT understanding or stupid for using flash light all the way and i feel like i want to take their low quality stupid camera and toss it into the shark tank. BODOH! i am so pissed off until i'll give all of them the my angry looks. Peduli! Apart from that what i don't understand was that, what is the purpose of they displaying the SNAKES in the Aquaria??? OMG i feel like crying. I usually will ask my brother c Farhan to walk ahead of me when we enter into the animal zone (just like in the zoo). So at one section, my heart was skip a beat coz there are these glass boxes every way attached to the wall and some of it was put in the middle. I asked my brother "adik, what are the things ahead of us now?" and he walk to the front and came back saying "sis, you better close your eyes and don't look. Coz SNAKES EVERY WAY!" i was GET ME OUT OF HERE!! uwaaaa... believe me i did scream when i know the truth! I feel like running but i can't move! then my sister in law asked me to go first and i said i'll wait them at the next area. It was the most terrifying 3 seconds of my life walking passed the snakes and i heard my big bro laughing at me while i feel like crying without tears. uwaaa uwaaaa ;p..
here goes some of pictures...

our first time on train ^___^

peace alya!

buy me secret recipe!

sea turtle with friends

wonder of the sea!

alya say hello to the octopus!

alya with the 'cute' foreigner ;p

the aqua living

divers coming in

surrounded by fish or dish?

Day 4, 18 May 2011 we went for Genting yo! This was my 3rd trip . Since we want to take a bus from LRT Putra Station at Gombak, i have to drive my Kenari to Gombak. This time i got lost a bit hahahha.. That beautiful morning i tried to call puter but i can't reach her then i called my colleague azwa. She said she also not so well verse with that area then she passed the phone to Syazlin and literally i guess my whole division knows where i am heading to that day coz my boss Amelia also called me right after i talked to Syazlin. With their guidance, i just follow Kuantan signboard along the highway and at last i managed to talk to Puter. Thank God puter said just follow the signboard to Kuantan until i see Taman Melawati. Unfortunately, i exit at Wangsa Maju then we literally got lost hahaha.. my sister in law suggest us to follow the taxi until LRT Putra Station and my big bro was riding in the taxi. We arrive at the station at 10.45am and we schedule to leave for Genting at 11am. Since 18th was not a public holiday, therefore the queue was very short and we were in no rush. It was fun and my nieces was excited to see all the games! My big bro then asked me and my brother to ride the superman coaster?? I said to him i don't want but he said "haiyoo you can ride the space shot sure u can ride this one!" Then i said OK. However it was NOT OK! that 2 minutes was HELL. That think move from 90 to 360 degree and i was just close my eyes during the whole flight. It's kill me man... Definitely not gonna ride that thing ever again.. So peoples here are some pictures taken

from the cable car

sleeping on the way up!

just arrived

my turn with the pink bag!

i love fries!

i want McD!

peace puteri!

flying on a jet plane

in the antique car with mummy!

puteri the rabbit!

alya the pooh!

the flying coaster

Day 5, 19 May 2011, we only went to Low Yatt Plaza and Alamanda before i drove them back to KLIA...

Ponn ponnnn! ^___^

the thumb sucker at KLIA

sleep my love

poor little angel

bye bye love.. do come again!

I have a lot of fun thanks to my big brother, my sister in law and my two most precious niece! and of course not forgetting my bodyguard and partner in crime my little brother Farhan! Next family vacation??? UNIVERSAL STUDIO AT SINGAPORE??

InsyaAllah....... hehehe

Byee... XoXo



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