Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dutch Lady Milk Election!

Posted by Norazo at 5:08 PM

Today Sunday and i went to Dutch Lady Milk Election at One Utama, Damansara with Puter and her kids!!! Why we were there?? Because Faizal Tahir was the ambassador for Dutch Lady Sweet Corn Milk! Simply deliciousssssss... wow!!! We were told to wear yellow and we are yellow ehehehe.. so sweetttttt...

Today's meeting with FT was special cause finally FT met Lope for the first time!! it was very touching cause Lope like his mama is the biggest fan of FT! So cuteeeee... the great things was when FT touched Lope's head! it was short but sweet like the corn haha.. i know puter was busy carrying Lope so luckily i managed to snap 1 picture.. comeeyyyy tau! since FT is the biggest star among all the ambassador so logically Sweet Corn won the election with over 200,000 votes! WOW

For those who don't know this election was a campaign to promote Dutch Lady new milk flavour : (1) Sweet Corn (Faizal Tahir), (2) Red Bean (Ziana Zain), (3) Toffee (Aidil and Zaquan Adha) and (4) Moo Melon (Amber Chia). All of the ambassador were present today and of course FT ROCK the stage hehehe... My personal opinion i love Sweet Corn and Toffee the best and the remaining 2 flavours was so-so only..

FT's word "Drink a lot of milk so that you can grow! im not drinking milk that's why i'm short!" hahaha funny la this guy!

So here it goes some of the pictures taken ^___^

heroes... LOPE

LOPE n mama

the crowds!

another crowds!

mama n me hehehe


another F.T

F.T and LOPE

right after meeting F.T

the mascots!

right after mama went for goodies bag uwaa

then i asked her to smile.. she closing her eyes pretend smiling hehehe

then i asked to act cute, she touching her cheeks ;p

i said i will take her picture with Lope she making faces hehehe drama queen tol ;p

Ok that's about all people.. i have a great day with Puter's family and it was fun meeting FT! hehe

p/s i saw my face on TV tonight malunyaaa


Puteri Nuur At-Terawis on May 30, 2011 at 9:10 AM said...


Well, now you know how special Faizal Tahir is to Idris and me xD

p/s: ada 2-3 org sms/fb me cakap nampak me and handsome boy kat OU. :P


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